Top 10 Reasons Why I Love My Dog Ash By Olivia P.

1. She loves to play although, she get very nippy. Her favorite toys are the cloth ones and the ones that squeak. The squeaky ones are the most annoying and she likes to eat the stuffing out of her stuffed toys.

2. She has a doggy smile and she smiles when she pants. She also has a huge yawn and makes a howling sound whenever she does yawn.

3. She loves new people and freaks out because she is so excited. Her tail wags so fast that her but sways from side to side.

4. She loves to run around and I bett she could do it for hours on end. To prove my point we were outside when I wanted to go inside and I had to take her inside to I took her off the leash and lead her to the door by the collar I let her collar go because I thought she wouldn’t go anywhere but she took off running at top speed and she ran all the way to the end of the lawn and back.

5. It is funny to watch her run around the dining room table because she runs into stuff and falls over but she just gets right back up and keeps going.

6. I love having her do tricks just the other day I got her to talk. She only likes to do tricks for food thought or at the table to get food.

7. In my opinion she is the cutest dog in the world with the softest ears. When she is playing or is mad the fur on her back stands up and makes a little ridge.

8. When she is sleeping on the couch she likes to push you off and take up the whole space. She likes to sleep in funny positions to.

9. If you drop any food she will clean it up for you ,but then she wants all of your food. And she begs and begs and begs until you give in to her puppy face.

10. She really is man's best friend, she’s my best friend. I can tell her anything and she won’t tell anyone mainly because she can’t talk.

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