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This is The Greasers. They are brothers even though only 3 of them are blood related. They always have each others back no matter what the situation is.

Book Review

4 of 5 stars

We like how the author of the The Outsiders used a different form of language and descriptive words to tell the story. We don't like how the author makes the time in the book go by quickly, as in the events happen over a short period of time.

We noticed that the novel used a lot of stereotyping about the greasers. The greasers are being judged without being known for the real them but being compared to the socs. We also noticed loyalty. Loyalty in a friend and a family can build trust.

We would recommend this novel to other middle schools because its sends a good message about not stereotyping others.

{The Curtis Brothers} Darrell *Darry* Front / Ponyboy *Pony* Left / Sodapop Right top. These brothers have stayed together on a long journey ever since their parents died in a car accident. Darry is the now the "parent" out of the 3. Sodapop is the middleman, dropped out of school and now works at a gas station and works with cars. Ponyboy is the school smart child and not so much street smart.

Editorial/Personal Interest Story



Johnny Cade’s Side of the Murder of Robert *Bob* Sheldon: I personally feel, that the murder of Bob was just for a self defense and not because I wanted revenge from the past. In the past, Bob had mugged me as I was walking home and now people think that I only did it for revenge on him. At first, I was telling them to back off and to stay away but they didn't. Ponyboy and I didn't even want any trouble we just wanted to cool off and hang out at the park. Then they took Ponyboy and started drowning him and I was backup into a corner surrounded by the other Soc’s, it was my last option. After I stabbed Bob, I felt calmed and aghast because I knew that Ponyboy and I were now safe from the Soc’s but only for now. I knew I was going to be in trouble but I would do anything to save Ponyboy.

Feature Story: Johnny murdering Bob

Switchblade: Item used to murder Bob Sheldon

One late night, two boys, Ponyboy Curtis and Johnny Cade, found themselves into quite some trouble. They were heading out to the park to relax and cool off from earlier incidents. Abruptly they found themselves being caught in a group of Socs. Five Socs started staring straight at Johnny and Ponyboy. Johnny’s was nervous and scared for his life, knowing what had happened to him in the past. Johnny had put his hand near his back pocket where he had his switchblade while Ponyboy is wishing he had a glass bottle. The Socs were Randy, Bob and three other Socs. Johnny and Ponyboy felt beefed when the Socs showed up. Johnny told the Socs to back off but they wouldn’t listen while Ponyboy tried to bluff them off but it didn’t seem to quite work. Bob shook his head and smiled and told David to give Ponyboy a bath in the fountain. Johnny had not known what to do at the moment but what he did. The Soc had been drowning Ponyboy and Johnny didn't know how to save him. Johnny had stabbed Bob for self defense and he thought taking down the leader would be the best option. Johnny had stayed calm because he knew of a little plan to get them some time, which was going to Dallas Winston.

Johnny Cade, 16 year old Greaser
Bob Sheldon: He's a Soc leader, who was best friends with Randy Adderson. All he ever wanted was his parents to tell him "no" but they faltered to say it. Soon later he was stabbed to death by Johnny Cade.

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