Why choose Hydropower Energy? To save our planet!

Our planet is is being destroyed by the way humans are acting. We are polluting our planet by burning non-renewable energy sources: coal, gas and oil. These are fossil fuels; fossil fuel is a source of energy that will eventually run out where as hydro-power is a renewable source as well as some other renewable sources. The effects of using non-renewable are: global warming; climate change; sea level rising and weather becoming extreme and unpredictable. To add to this, we would also lose some of our greatest animals and their homes we are destroying: the polar bear's ice caps, the forests that are home to many endangered animals and our air.

Hydroelectric is a type of energy that uses a natural source- water. This means that we will never run of it. The way it works is: the water will build up in the reservoir which will then be released down the penstock with such force that it will turn the turbine that will generate energy into the powerhouse and through the long distance power lines to our homes.

A diagram to show the workings of a hydro electric dam

The benefits of having a hydropower dam are:

  • They are 90% efficient where as burning coal is only 30% efficient.
  • They have a 50 to 100 lifetime guarantee and others only have 20 such as wind turbines.
  • Once built, they only cost 7p to produce a single KWH( a kilowatt is the same as grams and kilograms but in a electricity term.
  • They are highly reliable due to the water storage.
  • They are also used for flood control.

The output of electricity can be increased and decreased very easily and quickly. The dams are one of the most widely used form of renewable energy in the world.

As well as the dams lighting up towns and houses, they also can be used for water storage flood control and water sports. The most important thing is that we are using a healthy energy source and we are not letting out any carbon dioxide or greenhouse gasses.


By Niamh, Emma, Luke and Rhys.


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