Red's Case by: Alina Salinas

Detective Red was a rookie in the detective world. She was often under estimated, which made her work twice as hard to get the respect she deserved. Detective Red was leaving a hard day of work , on her way to her car she sees a women crying.Using her detective instincts she decided to go check on the woman.

The detective spoke to the women and attempted to calm her down, so she could speak to her. Detective Red wrote down every detail that the woman was saying. The detective note pad said that the woman's son ,Alan, went missing. He is 15 and plays basketball and has brown eyes and black hair. Detective Red was determined to find Alan, because she put herself in the woman's shoes and she knew this wasn't easy.

She started the investigation immediately, Detective Red asks the woman where the last time her son was seen. The woman says her son Alan was last seen when she dropped him off at basketball practice. The detective asked her if she saw anything suspicious.It took awhile for the lady to think, the Detective reminded her that any detail is important.

The lady finally recalls some boys giving her son intimidating looks.The boys were from the rival team, that they would be playing against next Friday. The detective shows the mother pictures of some boys from the rival team. The mother identifies the group of boys looking at her son.

The detective goes back to the basketball court and finds the boys who were looking bad at Alan sitting on the bleachers. The detective goes up to the boys and show them a picture of Alan and ask if they'd seen him. The boys said no immediately, after a few minutes of speaking with the boys the detective decided to leave. On her way to the car one of the boys catches up to her and says “they are lying to you don't believe them’’.

The detective decides to take all the boys in for questioning.They boys seemed more nervous, than they did before.The detective and her partners interrogated each boy individually. It doesn't take the detective long to make the boys talk. The boys never really got into trouble, so they were all frightened.

One of the boys says that their team was not doing well so they decided to kidnap the other team's star player which was Alan. After the boys confessed they were forced to show the detective where Alan was being held, which was at one of the boy’s ranch house. When they arrived to the scene Alan was tied up and beaten very badly . He had a large cut on his head from when the boys slammed Alan in the fence. He was bleeding fast, he was already unconscious. Detective Red called for an ambulance.

The boys who kidnapped Alan are being charged for kidnapping. They are being charged as adults as well. As for Alan, he would never play basketball again due to his injuries. His mother was very thankful for detective red for finding his son.


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