GlenwoodTimes #6 - July 2019

Headmaster's Message

Dear Parents

I trust that the pupils and parents have had a good break - the teachers most certainly have! It was a sight to behold when I returned from the break and saw how far the building of our new hall had progressed. We have already made the decision to stage a production in both the Prep and College in 2020 and auditions are going to start taking place shortly. All indications are that the Prep school will be staging “Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat” early in Term 4 and the College is leaning towards “The Greatest Show On Earth” towards the end of Term 2.

On the extra-curricular front we have had to hit the ground running and we have already had our first round of fixtures in most sports codes – this is not ideal, because the other schools started a week earlier and hence have already had a week longer to prepare. Parents are reminded that all pupils are expected to participate in at least one extra-mural activity per term and this will be strictly enforced. I appeal to all parents to assist us in this regard.

Allow me to welcome Mrs Sue Carver to our College English Department. She has replaced Mr Philip Vercueil who was promoted to the position of Deputy Headmaster in the Prep School from the start of this term. I would like to remind parents in the Prep School of the English and Maths support groups that are available in the mornings. Please see the D6 Communicator for further details. The College has Maths support every afternoon of the week where a Maths teacher is on duty to assist. The College also has a “Golden Hour” on Mondays and Thursdays from 14:00 to 15:00 where pupils can approach teachers for support in all other learning areas – this time allocation takes preference over all other school activities. I want to encourage pupils to make use of these opportunities as there is no additional charge for this.

I wish everyone a great term!


George Animal and Wildlife park

The Grade 0s were excited to experience the outdoors when they attended the George Animal and Wildlife park. They unpacked their understanding about wild animals through inquiry-based learning and ended the theme by seeing, hearing and touching some incredible animals at the park. One of the most memorable experiences the children will cherish, was being able to have an owl perch on their arms; seeing their big eyes and their heads turning right around was fascinating. A big very big thank you to the George Wildlife Park for looking after these beautiful animals and allowing us to explore your establishment.

new playground equipment

The Grade 000s started Trinity Term with energetic and playful children! Their teachers have been trying their best to get them off their new playground equipment but they are having too much fun. Developing our gross motor coordination has never been this fun!


There was great excitement at Glencare during their holiday programme. The children spent quality time with Miss Marnell and all the lovely assistants while they made a beautiful flower with the use of creative mosaic with recycled bottle tops.

The children were kept busy with fun days out: a visit to the Redberry Farm, feeding animals at the George Wildlife Park and lots of playing at Happy Valley! The children also had a blast tasting and creating different dishes: from tea parties, to making their own pizza’s at Panarottti’s, as well as making their own soup from scratch. Don’t miss out on the next holiday programme!


Grade 2 J Swinging in the Trees

A visit to Acrobranch can be rated as one of the best outings on the Grade 2 calendar. The Grade 2s spent a morning exploring the question … Is it possible to have fun in trees? After being kitted with the necessary safety gear and practising how to use it, the children embarked on the mini zip lining course. The Global Competencies of effective communication and social skills, as well as good management of time, space and equipment, were required. It was not long before the nerves settled, confidence took over and the children began encouraging one another. It was so much fun swinging through the trees, that the children did not think twice when they were invited to have a second round. After having a picnic lunch that was interspersed with accounts of their experiences in the trees, the children returned to school.

Is it possible to have fun in trees? The unanimous answer, even though some children started off with trepidation, was a most definite yes!

Making a difference on behalf of Glenwood!

Prefects delivering blankets to Life Christian Academy

Our prefects wanted to do something to make a difference for Mandela Day and decided to collect blankets to donate to those who need them. And so, last Thursday, on Mandela Day, our Prep School prefects spent their 67 minutes taking blankets and fruit to Life Christian Academy. Life Christian Academy is the school at Life Community Center. 117 children from Gr 1-4 attend the school.

The prefects set themselves a goal. They wanted to collect enough so that each child in the school could receive a blanket. Because we need 117 blankets, they decided to involve the whole school. Our drive to collect blankets started! An organisation called 67 Blankets gave us 30 handmade blankets to distribute as well. We are very happy to say that we collected enough so that each child received one.

Prefects delivering blankets to Life Christian Academy

We arrived at Life Christian Academy and were greeted with beautiful smiles and happy faces. We had an opportunity to speak to the children and tell them that God loves them and that he has a plan for their lives. A highlight of the morning was when the children sang for us. It was a very special moment.

Thank you Glenwood for being so generous and helping our prefects achieve their goal.

Sharing kindness and love on Mandela Day.


Grade 11 fundraising for Matric Dance

To ensure that we are able to treat our Gr 12s to a spectacular evening for the Matric Farewell on the 26th of July 2019 at Oubaai Hotel, we held a fundraising event in the form of our annual Matric Farewell Raffle. The event was a great success.

We want to thank all the Grade 11s and their parents for their contributions of luxury items for prizes and also for the huge effort in selling tickets. Justine Bradfield, Idonia Chandler and other helpers used the items to make up 19 prizes.

Thank you to our sponsors:

Eden Medispa winner: U Schnetler, Garden Route Game Lodge winner: Carol Vercueil, Garden Route Water Consultants winner: Llu Ellen, Hartman’s voucher winner: Heinrich Frylink, Herold Wynes winners: Bovit Gartan & Lucille Grobbelaar, Pure Skin winner: Janine Bachle, Simola Hotel winner: Petrus van Biljon, Singing Kettle Beach Lodge winner: L. Blackwell

We appreciate you.

Matric Dance Committee



Wesbank Mini Rugby Day

Our junior rugby (U7-U9) participated in the Wesbank Mini Rugby Day. In the freezing cold our boys played outstanding rugby and certainly made the school proud. Thank you to all the parents and family who come out to support the boys.

Results are as follow:

U7: 1st match lost 4-0 vs Laurus, 2nd match won 4-1 vs Van Rheede, 3rd match won 12-0 vs Wesbank, 4th match draw 1-1 vs Holy Cross

U8: 1st match won 4-2 vs Beaufort-West, 2nd match won 4-3 vs Holy Cross, 3rd match lost 2-1 vs George Voorbereiding

U9: 1st match lost 4-1 vs Laurus, 2nd match won 6-0 vs Van Rheede, 3rd match lost 1-0 vs George Voorbereiding


Glenwood House hosted the netball and boys hockey teams of St Faith’s, England.

St Faith’s U13 B side with our U12 netball team. Our U12s were able to turn the tables and win the match.
The St Faith’s U13 side with our girls. St Faith’s, who play women’s league, beat us convincingly but the game was played in good spirits. We learnt a lot from a team that play a very sophisticated game of netball.
Our U13 boys played 2 very enjoyable hockey matches on our mini astro. The 7-a-side format delivered exciting hockey. Our B team had 2 goals cleared off the line and unfortunately lost 1-0. Our A team matched the St Faith’s high skill levels and, after a tiring match, won 2-1.



In May of this year, the college netball undertook its own version of the “KKNK” -the Klein Karoo ‘Netbal’ Kunstefees. Every year the college has a Derby against Sentraal High School from Beaufort West. With this year being hosted by Sentraal, we took the opportunity to tour the Klein Karoo with three of our college netball teams. A tour is great way to get the team to bond and is always excellent exposure to new opponents and styles of play. On this tour the U14, U15 and 2nd team were given the opportunity to experience the “KKNK”. We departed school on the Thursday afternoon and spent a night in Oudtshoorn before heading off to Beaufort-West. In Oudtshoorn we played Oudtshoorn High School and Langenhoven , the latter turning out be a tough opponent we could not defeat, but a good lesson in where we need to aim with our own Netball. To make our long journey to Beaufort worthwhile, Sentraal had gone to great lengths to arrange a whole Netball Tournament with 5 other schools from their district. Each of our teams played a minimum of four games on the final day of the tour, ensuring we all got home very tired but fulfilled.



The Taste Bud Battle First Plate regional judging took place in George on 19 July. Their fantasy desserts were judged. Finalists will be flown to Johannesburg. We will keep you posted.


Deborah Figland

Debbie is a quiet, conservative, sensitive, kind and caring lady who works hard and always gives of her best. She likes to make other people happy.

Debbie is the Grade 00 assistant teacher in the Leopard Class. She gives the children lots of cuddles and encouragement and ensures that the classroom is always neat and tidy. She has been part of the Glenwood family for 10 wonderful years.

She is a dedicated wife to her husband Lesmar Figland and a devoted mother to 2 boys, Duran who is 30 years old and Lyle who he is 17 years old. She has a baby granddaughter with whom she loves spending time. Debbie’s family is extremely important to her.

Debbie is an excellent choir singer for her church, and she devotes a lot of time to the church. She enjoys reading her Bible, singing and spending time with her family and friends.


Greta Leighton joined Glenwood in 2008 when there were only 77 students in the College and she says that it has been inspiring to see the school grow from a very small school to a medium-sized school.

After 21 years at St Martin’s School in Johannesburg, Greta and her son, Alex, moved to George to be closer to her aging parents, while her husband, Dennis, remained in Johannesburg until his retirement in 2012. “It was a tough time for us as a family.”

She is passionate about teaching and says she does not have much time for hobbies, as teaching is her life and her hobby, too. She believes that anyone can do Mathematics – but it will cost time, commitment, dedication and effort.

She enjoys baking, though, and her Brownies (which she has been baking since 1992) have become legendary - and problem-solving becomes very popular if there is a brownie to be earned!

Glenwood’s first overseas tour (to the US in 2012) awakened her love of travel. A school tour to England, France and Italy in 2014 followed, as did a visit to Egypt in 2018. She is also organising a tour to Russia in 2019. In the meantime, she visits her son, Christopher, his wife and their 2 beautiful girls in Singapore at least once every year, with a visit to Alex thrown in as well. Greta is an unashamed Anglophile and, when she retires end 2020, their plan is to relocate to the UK to live with their son, Alex, who teaches at Leighton Park School in Reading.

2019 was a tough year, as both her parents passed away within 12 days of each other during the April holiday, but she is extremely grateful to the school for the having the opportunity to be so close to her parents during this time. “My father was 93 and my mother 87, so we were truly blessed to have had them in our lives that long”.

“I am blessed with two granddaughters, Gizé (8) and Zara (5), but I see them far too seldom. Thank goodness for Facetime!”

Her faith is the number one priority in her life and God’s goodness, mercy and care run like a golden thread throughout their lives as a family. She loves church music and feels strongly that students should be exposed to various different forms of worship music. Her one favourite hymn is “Bless the Lord, oh my soul” as the title ’10000 reasons’ is an indication of how thankful she is for the Lord’s presence in their lives.

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