Ode To Tanner By: ashley ortiz

Ohhhhh Tanner,

It's day 6 of me sitting by you

All I want to do is pop

You're obnoxious clapping and snapping

Annoys me, if only you knew how much I would like to

Just blow you away and send you off to the other side of the continent

If I had a chance to gain another wish,

It would be to zap you away like magic .


Ohhhhh Tanner

Can you just please for once be a normal human…

Please ?

When is there going to be a day where you don't say “I don't know”

To everything than I ask?

When I there going to be a day were you just shut you mouth

And don't say everything that you're thinking ?

There's about 34 more days left,

I hope I come out alive


Created with images by ToGa Wanderings - "Arriving to a beautiful, blue sky day in Beijing!"

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