2019 Annual Report Timberland REgional Library

Community Engagement

TRL’s Community Engagement Initiative reached out across our five-county district to gather data and feedback which was used to formulate our 2020-2022 Strategic Direction. We received over 1,500 responses to two surveys, met with 79 residents at 13 locations for Community Conversations and hosted five Community Check-ins.

Sarah Ogden, District Manager, Innovation and User Experience

Open Data Portal

Open Data Portal on TRL.org was launched to provide citizens, organizations, and local governments to publicly access library records and information data sets.


This year, for our district-wide book club, we chose to highlight Native authors and craftspeople. Approximately 300 people attended our main TRT event with Tommy Orange, best-selling author of “There There”, at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts.

Summer Library Program

Our Summer Library Program was an Out-of-this-World experience for 17,221 kids, teens, and adults! 1,408 programs & special events were attended by 35,206 people, with additional activities and rewards for all ages! New software made signing up online convenient although thousands signed up at their local library or community outreach events!

Veterans Connection Café at the Mountain View Timberland Library offers professional tele-services to rural Veterans who can receive virtual assistance with benefits.

Hour long appointments are booked with a local Host Navigator that works directly with the Veteran, and remote Veteran Service Officer (VSO) to answer questions and assist with filing claims.

The WestCare Foundation/Washington Serves with a grant from Home Depot, partnered with the Lacey Veterans Service Hub and American Legion Lacey Post 94 to create this partnership.

Expanded Access Hours arrived in McCleary which allows registered patrons to visit the library 7 days a week, 365 days a year with self-service hours. Open hours were expanded from 4 days/ 27 hours a week to 7 days/ 91 hours per week. The pilot project was so well received it is being considered for additional locations!

Pop-Up Library pilot projects in Morton & Mineral brought library staff to underserved areas of their community offering Internet access, browsing materials, printing capabilities, and additional library services.

Kanopy & Kanopy Kids was introduced as our new streaming movie service where patrons could stream up to 5 films per month for free – no wait times! 25,508 classic cinema, foreign & indie films, and documentaries were streamed in 2019!

Curbside Service

Curbside Service was introduced at the Elma Timberland Library where patrons could pull up to a special location, call library staff with their information, and their library materials would be brought out to their vehicle as quickly as possible. Parents with sleeping children and folks recovering from surgery gave glowing reports on the convenience of this Curbside Location pilot project.

Lucky Day Collections

Lucky Day Collections expanded from Best Sellers to include Feature Films!

No waiting. No holds. No renewals. First come, first served!

Just walk into your local library and check out the hottest titles!

Online Events Calendar

Launched a new Online Events Calendar with increased functionality, multiple search filters, and color-coded by age group. Makes it even easier to find programs and events at your selection of local libraries.


New easy-to-use Checkout Machines are installed! Scan your library card, see what you have on hold, checkout or renew items, right from the touchscreen.

Check out this video how fast and simple it is to use! 


Popular summer teen event, is our Summer Cons. Teens are encouraged to put on their best cosplay and check out their local Library Con, a geeky celebration of all fandoms... or try to make it to all!

Dear Library Supporters, Patrons, and Friends,

2019 was a very important learning & planning year for Timberland Regional Library. We focused our efforts on listening to the needs of our communities and providing relevant library resources to the residents of our five counties. This work resulted in the 2020-2022 Strategic Direction.

While we always make every effort to live within our means and be good stewards of public funds, our expenditures have been outpacing our revenues since 2001 with the Initiative 747 placing limitations on property tax increases. The gap has increased annually as costs go up, with the largest impacts coming from salaries and benefits. To bridge this gap, we implemented a soft hiring freeze in January 2019 and took a close look at each position as it opened through attrition. Throughout 2019 we were able to save approximately $700,000 in thanks to this fiscally responsible decision-making process.

We invited everyone to follow along with our 2020 Budget discussions that took place at our Board of Trustees meetings and have all stages of the budget document posted on our website.

We continue to work with a concentration on current needs as well as looking 10 years down the line; our focus is on continued fiscal responsibility, an increase in accessibility, with ongoing efforts to establish a sustainable staffing model.

Yours in Service,

Cheryl Heywood, Executive Director