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CFC Professional Development

Teachers at CFC took part in an AppMazing Race based on the Pyramid Model for Supporting Social Emotional Competence in Infants and Young Children. Teachers moved through 10 different "challenges" and recorded their learning in Seesaw, competing against each other to finish first.

Tasks included developing a video utilizing the green screen, creating a parent vlog to talk about children's behaviors, and utilizing resources included in "Book Nooks", tools for Building Relationships, Scripted Stories for Social Situations, and tools for developing behavior support plans. Contact a DLC if you would like to plan an app-mazing race in your classroom or PD.

CFC teachers engaged in a professional learning app-mazing race


Kindergarteners at Jackson are exploring the world of coding using Scratch Jr. and the board game Robot Mouse. In Scratch Jr., students use block coding to program characters to move on the screen. In Robot Mouse, students program a mouse to navigate through a maze to get to the slice of cheese. Coding is an engaging way to get students engaged and problem-solving. The work in a coding program is never finished. Follow-up questions like “What if…?” and “How can you…?” keep the kids pushing the limits and constantly reassessing how to make their programs better and more interactive.

Fifth Grade

The Year of the Dog by Grace Lin is a great book. Each chapter is about a different dog representing the Year of the Dog on the Chinese Calendar. Students summarized the book using Book Creator. Each student created a book featuring one dog in the story and chose ten objects that represent the events in that chapter. Here are a couple of examples.

Green Screen!

The green screen room at Eagle Creek has been busy over the last couple weeks. Student council officers created their campaign videos in preparation for the Student Council Officer Election on November, 7.

Episode 1 of the E.C.NEWS was also created in the green screen room. This broadcast was written and produced by students in Mrs. Kornder’s class.

Junior High

WJH Algebra 1 students participated in a BreakoutEDU to practice the Pythagorean Theorem and Distance Formula. The classes were split into teams and each team was trying to get into their own box. BreakoutEDU is a great way to have students practice collaboration, communication, and creative problem solving. The Algebra 1 students showed perseverance as many of the clues were difficult to solve and they had to stick with the problem before they finally got into the breakout box. Even though not all teams broke out, it was fun to see how the challenges were a engaged students in math practice and 6C’s skills.

Algebra 1 Breakout at WJH

8th Grade Math Support classes at WJH discovered how the Pythagorean Theorem and Distance Formula can be used to find lengths and distances around the school. Students did all the math work and at the end took out the tape measure to check their answers. To reflect on learning for the day, students submitted an exit ticket on Desmos. Each student wrote one “Aha” and one “Huh?” The instant feedback from Desmos showed that students felt comfortable with the learning targets going into test day and that we accomplished our most important goal of showing the relevance of the concepts with a hands-on approach. Did we mention Desmos is awesome?

Interior Design students at EJH were given an authentic learning task to suggest improvements to the Collab Lab at the East Junior High. Their goal was to make the space more collaborative and inviting. Students used Olioboard.com to create their designs, created spreadsheets for their budgets, and presented their work to DLCs and Bryan Drozd. They shared tons of creative ideas that we hope to be able to implement.

Interior Design at EJH presenting evaluations of the Collab Lab space

High School

CAPS Digital Design students prepared social media graphics for World Rabies Day. This event focuses on rabies endemic countries, to increase community awareness of the disease and its prevention. World Rabies Day also raises the profile of national and local control programs and acts as a springboard for year-round capacity building and awareness. These students designed a series of social media graphics which were then shared with the MN Veterinary Practice Manager Network for authentic real-world review and publication.

World Rabies Day Project

Daily Video Announcements!

Jackson administrators are using a green screen and iMovie to make daily video announcements. They are piloting the video announcements with teachers on the BLT team to gather feedback about using video announcements in the classroom. The goal of video announcements is that teachers can play the announcements in the morning when it fits best into their routines, which was a request of the Jackson staff.

Professional Learning Courses in Canvas

Teaching with iPads & MacBooks DLCs have created three fantastic courses to support teaching with devices. The courses are self-paced and you can earn CEUs. Plus, they are chock full of helpful reminders and pro tips! These digital learning courses should be your go-to when you're looking for ideas or reminders! We continue to update digital learning courses throughout the year. Contact a DLC with any questions about Canvas PD courses.

CEU Requirements DLCs have collaborated with content experts to create engaging self-paced courses in Canvas that meet relicensure requirements including EL and Behavior. We are working on courses that meet mental health, and suicide prevention, and secondary literacy CEU requirements. For more information about relicensure check out the CEU Committee FAQ.

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