Language Teacher Resources Galore! Presented by: Carrie Altomari

My target audience for this technology toolkit are World Language teachers within a high school setting.

I am going to focus on Presentation and Interactive technology tools that teachers can utilize in the World Langauge classroom.

Presentational TOols

Within the World Language classroom, we cover numerous topics within the target language. How great is it to have a wide variety of tools to mix things up between units in the way present information to our students. Below are a variety of presentational tools that can be used.

Click on any of the buttons to visit these presentation tool's sites.

Interactive Tools

When teaching a second language, we want our students to use the target language as much as possible. We want student interaction in the target language as well. As we teach are students we need to consistently check for comprehension in a way that is easy, fun and efficient. There are so many Interactive technology tools for our students to use in and out of the classroom.

Click on any of the following buttons to visit the site any of these tools.

Still need or want to see more resources. Click on the button below to view more of my Resources!

Go to my video to learn how to create a Wizer Worksheet!

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Carrie Altomari


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