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I think that's everest is worth the risk of climbing. I think this because, it would be an amazing accomplishment in someone's life. There is a possibility that you could die. But if you think about all the fun things in life they all have a possibility of death. Lots of people that die on Everest die from mistakes. The other deaths are from natural disasters. The price for climbing is a lot about 80,000 to $100,000. If they dropped the price for climbing there would be a lot more climbers. But if I had the chance to climb mount everest I would.

I think globalization makes this world stronger. I think this because people can send goods back and forth from from different countries. This is very helpful because all the things that people make in other countries you can get because of globalization. For example have you ever seen anything that say made in China those are only in America because of globalization. Thing that are only found in China are used in some of the things that are sold in America. Another reason why I think globalization makes this world stronger is because you can get all the natural resources you want from whatever countries you want. Say you live in a countries that has a small amount of wood then they can get wood from other countries to make what they need the wood for. The last example is a thing called sweat camps. Everyone think they aren't good but it give jobs to many people that usual don't have jobs. In all I think that globalization makes this world stronger.

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How to be a good citizen

What will make a good citizen is one that will follow the rules. That is so that if someone were not to follow the rule the would get punished and that will make you a bad citizen. Another thing to be a good citizen is to pay taxes. The reason you would need to pay taxes is if you don't you will get punished. That kinda falls under the first topic. The last thing you need to be to be a good citizen is to help out in your community. That will one make people like you more and two help out your community. Those are some ways to be a good citizen.

What is government, and why is it necessary? Well government is body of people who run a nation,country,state or even small as a town. These are the people who help make the laws. There is many different types government such as dictatorship or anarchy. Both are used widely throughout the word. Wait why is government necessary? Mainly government in necessary is if we didn't have a government than we would have any laws. Just think of a world with no laws. Everyone would be doing illegal thing but they wouldn't get in trouble for it. Also if we didn't have government than we wouldn't be Civilized. What do you think, what is government and why is it necessary?

There are many people that live in Africa in desert regions. The people that live in these regions have to adapt to the many things. For example one thing that they have to adapt too is running on low food and water because there is not that many animals and other resource is desert regions. But the water is even harder to find because in areas in the desert regions there can be droughts that can last up to one year or more. Another thing that people do to adapt to the desert regions is they wear special clothing to stay cool during the day and stay warm during some of the cold nights. But the people that wear these cloth are mainly nomadic herders because they have to walk through the burning hot sun. The last thing that people have to adapt to the desert region to generals know where the nearest water source is. Such as a oasis, lake, pond, or even a river. In all the people that live in these desert region have adapted to almost all of these if not more than this.

There are many upsides and down side of having a valuable natural resource in you countrie or region. The oil industry and the oil reserves are very valuable reasources that amo lots of money for lots of counties. Also natural gas is a very valuable resource too. There are many countries that make billions a year from natural reasources then they do thing like spending it on building city's then get more money in profits and over time they just keep making money. Valuable natural reasources can also cause lots of conflicts. For example country might make a mistake and spend the money on things that are no good. This can set them back for a while and give them a bad reputation with money. Valuable reasources can be very good in countries but can also be very bad if you don't Handel it too well.

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