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How to be a good citizen

What will make a good citizen is one that will follow the rules. That is so that if someone were not to follow the rule the would get punished and that will make you a bad citizen. Another thing to be a good citizen is to pay taxes. The reason you would need to pay taxes is if you don't you will get punished. That kinda falls under the first topic. The last thing you need to be to be a good citizen is to help out in your community. That will one make people like you more and two help out your community. Those are some ways to be a good citizen.

What is government, and why is it necessary? Well government is body of people who run a nation,country,state or even small as a town. These are the people who help make the laws. There is many different types government such as dictatorship or anarchy. Both are used widely throughout the word. Wait why is government necessary? Mainly government in necessary is if we didn't have a government than we would have any laws. Just think of a world with no laws. Everyone would be doing illegal thing but they wouldn't get in trouble for it. Also if we didn't have government than we wouldn't be Civilized. What do you think, what is government and why is it necessary?

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