Mini Body of Work Cockatoo island & beyond

Visual Art HSC Task 1
  • Task issued: Week 4 Term 4 2018
  • Task Due: Week 5 Term 1 2019

The making of a small body of work based on a return journey to Cockatoo Island is included in the the first part of the development of your HSC Body of Work.

The full documentation of this task with artist interpretations of core concept for the proposed book and examples of John Woolsley's work is available at HSC BOW

The purpose of this page is to provide you with student examples of the completed 'Concertina Booklet' (containing images that are composites of drawn, photographed, sculptural, text based or otherwise arrangements of elements) and discuss approaches to the Photomedia and Painting based components of the practical task.

Stephen Manning

The format of the 'concertina book' allows you to work in a linear, narrative or diary manner, use both sides of the page, create pop out's and fold throughs and attach other elements to the page.

This particular book format should enable you to explore a range of conceptual and material approaches to interpreting the task.

Yasmin Najjarine

Sally Clarke

Charlie Reed

More book examples

Ben Vella

3D photographic images

Stephen Manning


Part 2 (cont)

Submit a minimum of four images that demonstrate / articulate your visual, auditory or felt responses to the environs of Cockatoo Island.

  • Include at least;
  • Two digital works that combine photographic and graphic / drawn elements, and
  • Two small watercolour images

Look at the work of John Wolseley to see how you might approach using watercolour to document the visual / organic / architectural / historical properties of the island.

Scrambling, Climbing, Flying and Moving Through the Cobboboonee Forest
A hypothetical submission could look something like this.


In aprox 2000 words respond to one of the following;

  1. Storytelling can be a valuable strategy in the representation of ideas. Discuss two artists whose practice clearly evidence narratives and or histories.
  2. Elaborate on how an artists body of work can evolve, alter and /or change over time. Refer to at least two artists and relevant examples.
  3. Photography takes an instant out of time, altering our perception of life by holding it still. Investigate ways this statement has relevance by observing the practice of at least two artists.
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