Tim Turns Up to Work

"I will be OK when I reach operating temperature I mean to say WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG"

"CK To Oldham Traffic Unit Especially P.C. Cain report of a RTA A62 Huddersfield Road at the junction to the Diggle turn off involving a HGV"

"What!!!! This can't be happening to me its to early"

" Guess I will have to take the Volvo I wish we still had the Capri"

OH happy days

"Is the road clear, of cause it is anyway how can anybody not see me"

"See I can even drive my Scania while drinking my coffee!!"

Carolien "It maybe big but its fast, who needs to be a racing driver"

"I will give you a race any time you like, but first you need to make that turn, do be CAREFULL"

Guess what she wasn't

Carolien "Do we really need the Police and Ambulance I have heard what the Ambulance service is like in this country and the Police all crazy"

PC Cain: "Just a quick warm up lap, then I will sort that driver out"

PC Cain: "Just time for a photo shoot, God I am looking good today"

PC Cain: "I had a dream the other night, I had to deal with an RTA involving A HGV (nightmare) it was a foreign truck (couldn't get any worse) OH YES IT COULD"

PC Cain: "who are you" Dolly Bird: "I was driving the HGV"

PC Cain: "I think you were in my nightmare the other night only I thought things could not get any worse"

Dolly Bird: "Oh, please don't worry things can only get better (in broken English)

PC Cain: "Where are you from, Holland"

Dolly Bird: "No I am NOT I am from the NETHERLANDS Thank you

PC Cain: " You sound like a neighbours friend who is just as touchy"

PC Cain: "Anyway down to business and just to let you know I have a licence to drive trucks so don't think of trying to pull the wool over my eyes. How did this happen".

Dolly Bird: Oh Oh he sounds like a real Tosser. He is horrible.

Dolly Bird: "Well I have been driving for the last 72 hours and I was very tired, so as I was making the turn I had a coffee which I made whilst I was driving. I had a drink then that idiot drove into me it was his fault. Officer you must believe me".

PC Cain: " Mmmm I will have to give that some thought".

Dolly Bird: " Oh officer you must believe me I would never lie to you unless you ask me a tricky question".

PC Cain: " I will have to think about that as well, You look cold would you like to sit in my warm Police car, sorry its not a Capri".

Dolly Bird: (thinking to herself) Oh gosh what a hero he is. Could I be standing outside the house in his arms some time soon.


The other Heros arrive.

Back door for Carolien.

Caroliens room with no view.

PC Cain "please don't worry I'm sure your boss will understand, not so sure the driver of the car will".

Doing what the Dutch oops Netherlanders do best drink loads of coffee.

Caroliens home for the night!

Carolien is whisked away, never to be seen again???????

Home sweet home, but is it really?????????????????

A few weeks go by, and Tim arrives at work.

A package has arrived for him, which is pretty unusal. As he rips open the package money falls to the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some-one trying to bribe him.

No, its a letter from Carolien. She wants me to buy cakes for those that helped her.

After the children eat all the cake, Tim meats up with Carolien at a service station, and its onto a ferry bound for Holland (sorry Netherlands).

Ticket for 2 this time.

We did it in style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Going to meet the family, better check out some local culture.

Gosh I wasn't expecting this sort of a do.

Carolien breaks the news to Tonnie and Dikkie.

Tim leaves from Schipol.

Tim lands at Ringway.

Letters keep coming and going.

Quite a few letters later Caroliens on her way back to the UK. We had better get prepared!

Surely she can't have another crash, well, better safe than sorry.

Tim and Carolien meet at the motorway services.

A romantic meal for 2. Whatever could happen next.

Is this just a dream.

Seems to be getting serious.

No turning back now.

The neighbours saying GOODBYE.


Lodge Lane Delph not far from our first meeting.

Only 18 months later.

Acre House, Widdop Road, Hebden Bridge.

Okay time to pop the question, will it be YES or NO.

Another romantic weekend with a surprise.

Its a YES.

No prizes for guessing what came next!

Mrs Cain, Mrs Cain, Mrs Cain

Back home and a new addition to the family.

Last days in our jobs.

Then a well deserved holiday.

Back to Zelhem, oh and look whats waiting for us!

Where to go on holiday, we just have to get away from this place.

On the way home: "I was just counting up how much this holiday has cost. Never realised B&B would cost so much Mmmmmmmm there must be another way of getting to places"

The solution?

We'll buy a camper. But to get the most out of a camper you have to live in it? Have to think of some thing RADICAL.

"I know we will sell the house and travel around Europe" Well thats pretty radical.

Bye Bye Acre House.

Receiving bad news about the camper.

How to fill the time?

The camper arrives.

And we are off.

Lazing in zhe sun WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG (a lot)!

A Dog.

A dogs lead.

A cup of coffee.

A man falling down!!!!!

What are you laughing at.

Tim: where do you want to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carolien: "Well it can't be that far to the North Pole"


Better get some training then. She will change her mind after that.

Seems that didn't work!

Heide, Germany what's so special about this place? I guess time will tell!

25th May our wedding anniversary lets go for a boat ride. Oh, what a good idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He already knows the outcome of this and it won't be pretty.

After 5 days I was feeling better. Happy anniversary.

As you can see its colder but after the training Carolien has toughened up. Still can't throw straight.

All these flags is this the NORTH POLE?

Gosh a statue of Carolien.

From the GOOD to the BAD and UGLY.

From Russia with love, there must be a joke there some- where.

And for a complete change.

Tim still hasn't got over the boat trip, poor boy or is old man?

Yes Carolien the letter goes in there!

This looks familiar.

The scooter is going to be busy.

Heide to Hörup (where) only 70kms.


Created with images by Gene Hunt - "HDR shot of the Capri" • Firing up the quattro.... - "GMP Ford Capri"

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