The nervousness of trying something New What were you most nervous about?

The nervousness of trying something new can come often in life. Especially when you’re going 45 minutes down the street to stay at a hotel taken over by teenage kids, and going to classes you know very little about and very few people in. However, it can be a memorable experience and an opportunity to learn something new while showing your creativity. Not to mention, a chance to make new friends. Although many people were nervous, they will leave with more knowledge and a new outlook on journalism.
Maleah Downton, 12, talks about being a newbie at gloria Shields, "I was really nervous because I’m a first timer and I’m going to be a leader next year and I’m surrounded by so many experienced ppl which made me a little intimidated. My nervousness was a sold 5 out of 10 bc I was both nervous and excited." Downton said.
Nadia Sanburn, 11, "I was most nervous about coming in because I didn’t really know what to expect; it's like I went in blind. I’ve never been to the Gloria shields workshop before and I couldn’t really ask anyone how they felt about it because they had already graduated. but I've loved it so far" Sanburn Said.
Christine Vo, 11, "I was most nervous about going into a class and having to speak to everyone and not being good enough at the workshop because I’m surrounded by editors and people who are more experienced." Vo said.
Chloe Roberts, 11, “I was most nervous about going into a class and not knowing anyone, I was also afraid that ppl would be stand-offish and rude.” Roberts said.


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