Tour of the Harn Museum By: Ariana vergara

Introduction: Art is an important part of human culture. It has allowed feelings and thoughts of older civilizations to be exposed to modern civilizations. Art is a means of communication that should be admired. Art lets us share experiences, emotions, and thoughts with other people from all over the world and even different generations.

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist: To sometimes fully appreciate art we need to view it in person. There are distinct areas of certain works of art that don´t shine through in pictures and are sometimes even lost. The art work below was absolutely beautiful in person but when I took a picture of it, I noticed that it lost some of its beauty. The work of art rises in certain places and creates different layers within it, but this is lost within a picture. Seeing it in person helped me analyze all its different layers and specific colors. I found it intriguing that the art rises and falls in specific areas, which helps portray its meaning. It uses 3-D aspects to outline its purpose. This work communicated to me that we should appreciate art in person because sometimes it´s message can be lost in a 2-D image. I also thought of art as simple but this piece showed me that it has many layers that we can discover . This art work made me feel enlightened because it made me appreciate art on another level that I hadn´t thought of before.

Design of the Museum: This particular garden caught my attention because of its design. Some works of art belong outside in order to further convey their message. I found this particular section of the museum appealing because of the way it was presented. The sculpture was placed in the middle with plants surrounding it, which implied that we are constantly surrounded by nature and thus we must take care of it. It brought together nature and art, which made an incredible exhibit. Art and nature go hand in hand, because both evoke similar emotions within humans. This sculpture of a human body perfectly fits within its exhibit, because like I previously stated we are constantly surrounded by nature. This exhibits makes me feel in touch with my humanity because it reminded me of how we owe our success to nature and that we should always appreciate it for what its done for us.

Art and Core Values: The work of art below reminds me of inner beauty. Even though the outside might seem like rock, the inside is filled with beautiful crystals. This work of art reminds me that everything and everyone is beautiful. There is beauty in everything sometimes we just need to look deeper; beauty is not always superficial. Just because something isn´t beautiful on the outside, it doesn´t mean that it is not beautiful. Sometimes we just have too look deeper. This artwork provoked a sense of clarity because I realize that we must take our time to truly analyze a work of art or even people. This helped me further understand to not judge a book by its cover. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes its even hidden. It is up to us to look deeper and find the beauty.

Art and the Good Life: The work of art below represents sharing the good life. This work of art seems as if multiple pieces have created on main work of art. It is a collective of different works. To me it seems as if in order to achieve the good life it is important that we share our experiences with other people. The sculpture is made up of different ideas, just like our good life. Our interactions with other people help us grow as individuals, just like the sculpture grew with different aspects that created it. This piece of art added to my understanding of sharing the good life because it brought together different aspects of life and embodied into one work of art.


All photos were taken by Ariana Vergara

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