Body image and eating disorders

  • Body image - the way you see your body.
  • Concluding on to this, there is body dysmorphia which makes people see there body a lot different than it actually is, for example a person that is underweight will just see their self as obese or only be able to see the flaws. Also, just saying, something that kind of drives me crazy is that a lot of the attention of eating disorders such as anorexia is focused on just girls when yes there are more girls, but however there are so many boys struggling with it too!
  • Fad diets - weight loss plans that tend to be popular for only a short time.
  • This way then the diet will just go away and you'll end up gaining the weight back and truly those diets never work, it needs to be a lifestyle change, and in my opinion I think you should lose the weight kind of slowly and make sure to maintain the weight so then you can keep it off and be healthy. Also those diets probably make you starve yourself a little and that's not really healthy when you could just eat the right serving of really healthy food and be filled up just enough to not be hungry and also have enough energy to go ahead and work out
  • Weight cycling - A repeated pattern of losing and regaining body weight.
  • This is so bad for you and can cause a lot of problems with your body, and then it would also be an emotional battle for the person because they got to that slim figure they loved and worked really hard to then just gain back the weight and kind of be depressed because of it
  • Eating disorders - Extreme, harmful eating behaviors that can cause serious illness or even death.
  • Honestly I believe that things that trigger eating disorders is other kids teasing other kids in school about there weight, as well as the media because it's showing all of these unrealistic body's that are very underweight and all kinds of people seem to like it, and they're like looking up to those people
  • Anorexia nervosa - An eating disorder in which an irrational fear of weight gain leads people to starve themselves
  • This cause people's moods to change when there not getting enough food, also it makes them always feel tired and for example I was watching this one girl's story on YouTube and she said that she wouldn't even stand up in the shower because she felt to weak, and she felt scared that she was going to pass out so she just sat. Also, regularly when someone is starving themselves, that's like the only thing that they're focused on.
  • Bulimia nervosa - An eating disorder that involves cycles of overeating and purging, or attempts to get rid of the body of food.
  • When a person purges they're damaging they're oesophagus because of the acid that is coming up which is horrible. This also is a very emotional battle, I think all eating disorders are an emotional battle. Doing this also cause there mood to change.
  • Binge eating disorder¬†- an eating disorder in which people overeat compulsively
  • A lot of the time people are not paying attention to the amount of food and they're doing something else and they don't get full fast. I actually heard that's it's not good to be super full, because that regularly makes you sleepy and wanting to take a nap which is horrible to do after eating all kinds. I think people should eat without doing something else because then they will prob alt get bored and not feel the need of overeating/ they shouldn't buy that amount of food. After people binge they're regularly feel guilty like they shouldn't have eating it but then they end up binging again because it was so good of like what they remember of it, I kind of compare alcohol to that because people drink alcohol and then feel horrible the next day but then they drink alcohol again because they remember it making them feel good, as food makes the people feel good.

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