Self-driving Taxi A step into a new tomorrow

Google' s street view car. This vehicle has self-driving capabilities and is already on the road today.

If Google can have self-driving cars on the road then why can't Uber use the same technologies that Google has.

A camera that can view every angle around the car, which sends information to the computer to give proper directions.

This is proof that today there are tests being run to gain the safest and reliable drive from a self-driving car.

The new age taxi uses its programming and camera to deliver passengers to their destination safely.

There have been many developments of the self-driving taxi and it is the safest bet anybody is going to have when it comes to road travel.


Created with images by iwasaround - "uber-self-driving-car-pittsburgh-2" • jurvetson - "“Driving” the Google Self-Driving Car" • Photographing Travis - "Westboro Baptist Church Protest and Counterprotest" • romanboed - "Google Self-Driving Car" • David Berkowitz - "Toyota self-driving car - Consumer Electronics Show - CES 2013 - Las Vegas" • DoNotLick - "Google Streetview Self-Driving Car" • jurvetson - "Google Robocar Racetrack Ride" • sndrv - "Google self driving car taxi" • Photographing Travis - "Beep Beep" • donjd2 - "Google Self Driving Car @CHM"

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