Daniela Urzi Composer & producer

Daniela grew up in her Native country, Argentina. Descendant of humble beginnings, at age 16, she was discovered to become the face of the most prestigious fashion labels world-wide,and having a long-term trajectory as a fashion model.

Inheriting her father’s restless creativity, she never failed to bring colored pencils, watercolors and a photographic camera during her travels. Her eyes would witness the beautiful landscapes of unique and remote places. Particularly through an aerial perspective is where her new passion awakens : Photography. Putting it all into this new theme, she creates her first series of 34 photographs titled “A Window of Peace”, which was exhibited in the prestigious Maman Gallery at Buenos Aires. The proceeds from the successful sale of the collection were donated to ASDRA (Down Syndrome). Daniela takes a new turn in photography after becoming a mother. Inspired by her son, imagines a story starring one of his favorite toys, a giant bear named Teddy. She gathers well known actors, models and artists to bring it alive and develops a print exhibit , by her own means her first coffee table book titled “Teddy and I...” Followed by extensive media coverage at the launching in Buenos Aires’ Maman Gallery. Since then, the book can be found at renowned local bookstores and exclusive Argentinian and French boutiques. Another recent achievement has been participating in Miami Art Basel, one of the most important international art events.

Always striving for more, Daniela continues to surprise us with her artistic projects.

She started off almost by accident while composing silly songs with her son. He is been the main source of inspiration in all her endeavors. It is not coincidence that the bulk of her tracks were conceived while she was in Tulum and Ibiza. The combination of the energy, nature and native sounds of these places. Always searching for organic beats and instruments that touch the soul matched with the percussion bases that can transport the listener into a magical sound journey. "Generally, music defines moments in people's lives. Listening to a track that moves you is a source of uplift... it generates feelings. This is what I strive to awaken in my listeners".

She got the chance to play her music on 2019 summer in Ibiza at Sunset Ashram and at Elements in Benirras beach . For new year 19-20 in Tulum at the amazing Hotel Azulik Club, February 2020 at the Nest in Azulik Tulum. At this time she keeps composing and producing music , her restless imagination never stops.

Find more about Daniela in her Instagram.Music @ iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Amazon Music, Pandora, Deezer and more... She has three albums out right now!

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Daniela Urzi


Gustavo Saiegh