Alexander the Great By: Jordyn Soles

Alexander the Great was the son of a very amazing ruler but his father died and Alexander had to take over. He was about twenty years old when he took over this city but he was very well trained but also ambitious and he had a very strong kingdom and an experienced army to fight for him.
Alexander would do anything to get the land that he wanted which means that he had to eliminate all of his rivals that stood in his way. He intends to conquer Persia and defeat Emperor Darius. The next year he wins the battle of Gaugamela which leads to the fall of the Persian Empire.
Alexander was the only person that could get this horse to listen to him so he trained him and named him Bucephalus. This is considered to be the most famous horse in history. With a price tag of almost up to three times the normal amount, the beautiful black horse stood taller than the normal steed but was considered to wild and unmanageable, rearing up against anyone who came near him.
Alexander wanted to fulfill his fathers legacy of conquering Greece and the Persian Empire. Then he decided that he wanted to conquer Syria and Egypt. Luckily he was inherited a very experienced army and a strong kingdom to rule over. Lastly he wanted to conquer India but his troops just wanted to go home to their families and have some time to rest, because they have marched over 11,000 miles to conquer new city-states.
He seeks to reach the "end of time". He invades India but his troops demanded to finally stop. So they all went back to their homes and sadly Alexander the Great died 323 BCE in Babylon.

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