Moving Day at the Oceanside Office Thanks for the memories, O'side

It was just after 10am on Thursday, December 15, 2016. Moving day. The lease was up on Dynamic Vision's top floor loft office in the beautiful city of Oceanside, CA. We had recently opened a new location for our software development shop in nearby Temecula, and it was time to say goodbye to our former HQ office in O'side.

For DV, the past two years on the 5th floor of the Ocean Lofts were filled with long and productive work days (and nights), countless learning experiences, great food at the local eateries, festive team events, and plenty of laughs.

And although we had known for awhile that the end was coming to our time at the O'side office, there was simply no finality like that of moving day.

There was heavy rain all morning long in Oceanside. It seemed somewhat fitting that the weather was less than ideal on a such a bittersweet day.
With a total of 12 DV team members on hand that morning, we were able to make quick work of all of the furniture-moving and disassembly that was needed.
Developers gonna develop...even on moving day. Caleb and Mike carved out some to time to work through code on the only desk that hadn't yet been disassembled.
And because three great minds are even better than two, Brian took a break to assist. Teamwork. Always.
Daniel was a jack-of-all-trades on moving day, easily knocking out task after task.
Victor and Ryan easily navigated a sofa down from the upstairs R&R section of the loft.

"Do you remember the game Tetris?" - Sergey

Sergey was masterful at making use of every inch of space in the moving truck.
Caleb and Ryan were among those who made several trips down from the 5th floor to help load the moving trucks.
One of the best parts of the day was breaking for lunch. Pizza tastes even better when you've worked up an appetite.
By the late afternoon the rain had subsided, allowing what was left of the day's light to shine down over the city.
The kitchen and dining room were the last areas of the loft to get packed-up and cleaned out.
By 4pm, not much was left in the office, other than the furnishings that came with the loft.
At around 4:30pm we had our final walk-through with management. After that, it was time to go.
Mike grabbed his things and exited the Oceanside office for the final time...
...as did Brian.
Once back downstairs, there was only the small matter of agreeing on who would be driving the moving trucks as we set out on the hour-long drive to Temecula.

Shortly after 6pm, a few more members of the DV team joined the group at the storage facility in Murrieta -- just minutes away from the Temecula office -- to help unload the trucks into our storage unit.

Meanwhile, the remainder of the team held down the fort at HQ and remote locations. Indeed, it was a total team effort.

Michael led the charge fitting everything into our storage unit. After about an hour or so of unloading and organizing, all that was left to do was to take some essential items to HQ.

By 9pm, the last of items had been dropped off in our Temecula office. After a quick drive a few blocks away to return the last moving truck, our long day was finally done.

There it was, officially the end to an incredible and unforgettable period of time in the 10 year history of Dynamic Vision. And while one chapter had ended, another had begun...

Thanks for the memories, O'side!

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Aaron Gill

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