UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL AUTÓNOMA DE MEXICO For my people, my spirit will talk


  • One of the firsts universities in Latin america.
  • It was founded in the year of 1551 with the name of Real y Pontificia Universidad de México.
  • The purpose of the university was to serve the country and humanity by providing to society helpful profesionist.
The Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, was officially born in the year of 1910 maintaining the purpose of its antecesor: preparing professionals willing to build a better country for the future generations.

the creation of ciudad universitaria

  • In the years of the 1950´s, Ciudad Universitaria (CU) was built in order to create a place where students and faculty could gather in a harmonious way.
  • Ciudad Universitaria had the main purpose of gathering all the Schools of Law, Engineering, Medicine and Architecture, that were located in Downtown Mexico City, as well as the new School of Political Sciences, into a place where they could easily communicate.
  • The architectural design of Ciudad Universitaria was inspired in many elements: from the Prehispanic cities located in Mexico to the modern and vanguardist art of that time.
  • The most important Mexican artists of the time were involved in the construction of Ciudad Universitaria. Names such as Juan O´Gorman, David Alfaro Siqueiros and Diego Rivera contributed to the architectural and artistic design of CU.

The designation as a World Heritage Site

  • In the year of 2007, Ciudad Universitaria was named World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
  • CU was recognized as an ingenious example of urban architectural design, as for its integration of modern architecture, Mexican traditions and artwork.


Student community

346,730 students in total

28,638 Postgraduate studies

204,940 Bachelor

112,229 High School

923 School of Music

educational offer

41 postgraduate programs

38 specialization programs

118 majors

3 different study programs in High School level

Schools, centers and institutes of investigation

Superior education: 15 schools, 5 multidisciplinary centers and 4 national schools

High School: 9 high schools of the Escuela Nacional Preparatoria and 5 high schools of the Colegio de Ciencias y Humanidades

33 Institutes, 14 centers y 11 university programs

sports in unam

The UNAM offers 52 different sports disciplines.

It counts with the most complete sports infrastructure available for the UNAM community and for public in general.

The most important disciplines are: soccer, american football, archery, athletics, basketball, box, gymnastics, volleyball, swimming, tennis and taekwondo.

In matter of infrastructure, the University Olympic Stadium and the Olympic Pool outstand from the rest.

Both structures are the most iconic elements of sports inside the university and in the country.

Culture in the University

Cultural Diffusion

13, 565 artistic and cultural activities actividades

In 2015, around 2 million 280 thousand people assisted to this events

Cultural centers, museums

26 museums

18 historical centers


2,812,786 m2 of built area

2,180 Buildings

4,576 classrooms, 4,088 offices y 2,824 laboratories

135 libraries with a total of 1,717,855 books and 6,745,335 volumes


National Earthquake Service

National Astronomic Observatory

National Botanical Garden

The National Library

3 ecological reserves

The National Newslibrary

National Tidal Network

National Herbarium

Monitoring of the Popocatépetl volcano

National and International presence

Presence in the 32 states of México, in the USA, Canada, Spain, China, EUA, Costa Rica, France and England

6 campus and 17 schools in the Metropolitan Area of Mexico City

6 points of regional development in 5 states of Mexico.

Cooperation and mobility

2,004 academics in foreign countries

1,293 foreign academics in the UNAM

3,404 students in foreign countries

6,347 foreign students in UNAM


  • #1 Educational Institution in Mexico
  • In the Top 3 universities of Latinamerica
  • In the Top 100 universities of the world

Curious Facts

Mexico has 3 Nobel Prizes, (Peace, Literature and Chemistry) the three of them were obtained by graduate students of the UNAM.

In 1968, Mexico hold the first Olympic games in Latin america, the Inauguration ceremony was held in the Olympic Stadium of the university.

Frida Kahlo, one of the most important Mexican artists, studied in the UNAM.


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