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Digital Video for Education :: Week 1 Assignment

Vacation Commercial


For me, It's easy to jump in and start editing. Grab a few clips and create a story. But when you're given 15 seconds and consider the elements of pre-production, production and then post production... It's at that time that I realize that it takes time to plan, build and execute than to just execute. Here are a few things that crossed my mind while creating this project.

1.) there is no such thing as enough content - having a library of clips is greater that having ten video clips and hope that the ten clips will be enough. In this project I used ten clips, but in my project bin I have about 33 video clips. Why? I was not sure what I wanted to portray when starting the project.

2.) Adobe Audition's Remix is that "Adobe Magic" I needed. When selecting the soundtrack for the video, I pick something that was very personable. Then looking at the time constraints, I was not sure how I could fit the song into 15 secs. Then I met "Remix", the rest is history

In conclusion, I started this assignment thinking how simple and easy it would be. What threw me off was not the editing but the plans, the vision of what would be the ideal vacation commercial. For 15 secs, I spent a day just watching video clips, downloading, and reviewing what would be necessary to for clip. My lesson this week? Every project, regardless of time, requires patience and creativity.


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