Aparthied is another term for segregation between people of different races
During this time only a small percent of south Africans were white. Whites only made up 8% of the population while Blacks made up 79%
The small percentage of whites are the product of colonists from Europe and were mainly Dutch
Most people the the term Apartheid from the racial inequalities that were being protested starting in 1948 in South Africa
Apartheid in South Africa was caused by the all white government that enforced a strong policy of racial segregation through legislation. This was known as apartheid and had roots in the 1913 Land Act after South African independence
Many people played a role in battling Apartheid but the most recognizable and distinguished activists was Nelson Mandela. Mandela was a leader for black South Africans
Mandela devoted his life to change so much that after he was imprisoned for 27 years by the government he was still seen as the leader of change by the people
Shortly after his release Mandela went on to become the first Black president of south Africa and brought an end to apartheid
If i were to have been alive in this time in south africa i would probably been a strong supporter of Mandela due to the fact that i myself are black and would have been oppressed


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