90210 S.1 Ep.24 Savanna decruz

90210 is about a group of teenagers in high school . Annie & her brother move from Kansas to Beverly Hills . They fit in from the beginning , however later in season 1 there is conflict with Naomi . Naomi is the popular blonde of west bev. In episode 24 of season 1 , naomi is throwing a party & she thinks Annie slept with her boyfriend Liam. They argue then Annie leaves &a calls the cops.
The setting is a important part , Annie was drinking then when she got mad she went driving & hit a man causing his death. If she ddint into the party then she never would have killed a man. Most of the scenes are believable but some are a little dramatic .
I recommend 90210 if you like dramas , also if you like shows like Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill . The characters are believeable , they all show good emotion to their part in the show. Shenae grimes does a good job portraying Annie . She cray when needed & does normal things a teen would do if they were upset/angry .


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