Diana Chang (Unknown Date of birth or death)

Diana Chang is known to be the first Asian-American novelist, of her kind during the time of the 1930-1990s. Beyond Chang's interest in Asian-American Literature she became very motivated in writing about her life experiences and ones exploration of identity. During Diana's time period many political events came about, turning it her influence in becoming interested within identity. Diana's most common poems that express experimental forms of writing and identity was:

"Saying Yes"
'Are you Chinese?' 'Yes' 'American?' 'Yes' 'Really Chinese?' 'No...not quite' 'Really American?' 'Well, actually, you see.' But I would rather say 'Yes' 'Not maybe,' But both, and not only The Homes I've had, The ways I am I'd rather say it twice, 'Yes'

Within this poem indicates an experience that Diana had when asked about her identity and she was morally confused because of her being born in America and being Chinese.. Not only by that reason, but her reason of growing up around American culture and didn't feel she could get judge but her race until WW2 had began.. It was only then that Diana and others who were Asian were racial judge due to conflict with Japan. Though Diana was Chinese anyone who looked to be anywhere near a jap was considered to be a threat to the U.S. more reason to be influence to express her political and experiential ideas within her poems and novels.

Fun Fact: Asians were put in camps because they were known as a personal threat within the USA and as well as racial prejudice.. Due to causes in war with countries in Europe..

*This image is a store that represents Diana being born from New York and as well as her being Chinese, this is a store that was popular in the 1930s..Location: China town in New York..*

website used: https://barnardarchives.wordpress.com/2008/08/13/diana-chang-49/

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