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Christopher Columbus

Hello, and welcome to my website of explorers! My name is Dean and I will give you facts about Christopher Columbus! Christopher was born on October 31, 1451 and died May 20, 1506. That was 7 centuries ago, since it is 2017! He went to America, thinking it was India. He met the native americans there and called them Indians because he thought he discovered india.

Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson's birth date is September 12, 1570. He was born in England, United Kingdom. He died on c. June 22, 1611 in Hudson bay Canada. He wanted to find a shorter route to Asia, but he didn't find it. He did 4 voyages and on the 3rd voyage he developed New York. Winter was coming and the water froze so he had to wait til winter was over.


Created with images by hannibal1107 - "Christopher Columbus Statue" • David Berkowitz - "Christopher Columbus Monument - Barcelona, Spain" • Thomas Shahan 3 - ""Richard" - Keith Henderson Illustration for The Purple Land c.1930"

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