His Majesty Szczerbatek!

We made it ! So Szczerbatek appeared at our home three weeks ago. We had been waiting so long for that day.

On the very first day we wanted to give him everything he needed. We bought him a few types of cat food, cat toys and his own small house.

small house

When Szczerbatek came to our hose he had to make friends with Shasta – a huge black labrador. Fortunately, our small friend wasn`t eaten by Shasta!

photos taken by me and my boyfriend for the purpose of the blog.

Shasta knows who is the king in our house.

I think that Szczerbatek quickly found himself in our house. He sleeps with us in bed but his favorite place to sleep is me. He often sleeps on my neck or stomach.

He is like a small child.

He loves to play. His favourite toy is a mouse with a little bell. He can play with this toy for a few hours. He also likes to jump on his legs and climb our shoulder. Szczerbatek is afraid of Shasta because Shasta is a big dog and wants to play with Szczerbatek. So Shasta jumps and Szczerbatek runs away from him. Unfortunately, our kitty has to grow up to play with Shasta.

A few days ago our little friend was on his first walk. He couldn`t walk on his own and he had a special leash for cats. For a few minutes he didn`t feel comfortable outside. But when he became familiar with our garden he willingly walked around the place and discovered nature. Szczerbatek climbed trees and watched birds. In my opinion, his first walk outside was a successful one and I was happy about it. Szczerbatek seemed happy, too.

After his first walk Szczerbatek was relaxing in the sun.

He was already at the vet. He got an injection and some pills. He is healthy and happy - I hope so. At the vet he was very calm and polite. He wasn`t scared of the vet and he didn`t want to run away. When he was waiting for the doctor, he was watching everything around him, every step of other pets. We are proud of him that he likes his visits at the vet.

Szczerbatek doesn't like to sleep at night. For him it`s a good time to play. At 6 am he always wakes us up and invites us to play with him. He doesn't like to be alone. He always wants to be in the centre of attention. When we come home he hugs us and growls loudly.

First days in his new house ware really hard if we talk about food. For 2 days he didn`t eat at all and we started to worry. But now his appetite is much better. We give him food 3 times a day. He grows really fast, especially his stomach! Within 3 weeks he grew a lot.

You may wonder why we named him Szczerbatek. Have you seen „How to train your dragon” movie? Szczerbatek is just the name of a black dragon. It`s an awesome movie and one of my favourite. When I saw my little kitty all black with green eyes I instantly thought about the movie. Szczerbatek dragon and Szczerbatek cat are both so similiar to each other and both so special.

Time for bath. My Little kitty go went trough his first bath. As we all know Cats dont like water so it was a challenge. He Looked like a wet rat and me like someone after being attacked by a group of cats. Szczerbatek withstand. After the bath he was laying with me near the fireplace to warm up and for the prize i gave him Cat's milk.

When I come back from school he helps me with homework. He takes away my pens and tears pages from my exercise book. He is always helpful even to study for my matura exams!

Having a cat at home I found out that keeping animals at home is a huge responsibility. Our pet counts on us. And we are home for him. Where we are, he is always there by our side. Our cat is a great friend. I'm the happiest person in the world when I come home tired and my little black dragon waits for me there.

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