Argentina Atanacio, Caroline, TAina

Purpose: Our team has to engineer a visual data transmitter that assists in the collection of evidence for Argentina

Our product is a camera disguised inside a button shirt. The camera will be held by Velcro so that the camera can stay still. This will allow the camera to capture any evidence made through video recording.

Solving crimes are not easy so we use technology to help us get a better guess on who actually might have committed the crime. Cameras, lasers and eyes are very important in solving crimes cases.

The cameras help pick out small details of the crime scene. Lasers are used because they are able to reconstruct crime scenes as well as they are easy to use. Eyes are very risky to use in a crime scene but they can be helpful because if you were there at the time of the crime then you can be very helpful.

Knowing the human body parts in Spanish can help with the creation of a transmitter. Forensic anthropologists, which study the human body to solve crimes, look at the remains of victims who have been killed. This determines the victim's age, sex, stature, how the victim died and around what time the victim died. Without knowing Spanish, then how can you explain what happened to the victim to a person that comes from Argentina and can only speak Spanish.

Partes del cuerpo incluyen las manos, la cabeza, los pies, dedos de la mano y dedos de los pies

Clothing vocabulary and everyday accessories in Spanish can help with un botón de la camisa, or a button from a shirt, and a camera that is hidden inside. In Argentina, you mostly see women wear more up to date like very feminine clothing. Examples are usually see them in nice dress with heels , skirt with a nice shirt , or jeans with a blouse.

In Argentina, men and boys mostly dress different culture that play part in custom. A popular trend for men right now is the Argentine soccer jersey with a pair of nice jeans. Men and women from Argentina also wear business clothes in their daily life because of their work. Since there is buttons on business clothes, such as polos or suits, our camera will have a disguise that isn't noticeable.

Crime Stats compared to the United States

About 74 out 100 people in Argentina in the past three years believ that crime has been increasing. That is 14% more than the United States.

The crime levels in Argentina is about 64 out of 100 contributions. That is 17% more than the United States.

In Argentina 9,053,000 of robberies are recorded by the police. That is 6 times more than the United States.

The fear of crime of being assulted or attacked is about 50 out of 100 contributions from people from Argentina. That is 19% more than the United States.


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