Sam Waddle The Waddle Workshop

We would like to introduce you to Sam Waddle, owner of The Waddle Workshop, and The Mindful Market Company's lastest featured artist.

Over the past few months, we have been collaborating with Sam to create our newest product...

The Bee Bag

The Bee Bag features a lightweight and compact handcrafted design- perfect for a run to the Famers' Market or a night on the town. Can be worn as a crossbody, clutch, wristlet, or as a modern twist to the fanny pack. Hand cut & hand sewn in Minnesota!

Sam was kind enough to sit down with us, and share a little about himself

The Mindful Market Company : How did you get into the bag business/leather business?
Sam Waddle: It’s funny because I fell in love with a bag I found online and the price point was too high for my budget. I got a crazy idea that I could make the bag, so I priced out the materials and through trial and error and a whole lot of YouTube I was able to create a similar product.
MMC : How long have you been in business?
SW : I started making leather goods 3-4 years ago for myself. Then I started getting requests for custom bags from customers and here we are!
MMC : What was the first thing you ever made? What is your favorite item to make?
SW : The first item I made was a leather tote for my cameras and photography equipment. Totes are by far my favorite item to make.
MMC : Is this your full time job? If not- what is your day job?
SW : The Waddle Workshop is one of my many part time gigs. I seem to have my hands in a few different ventures. I do have a full time job working for a local healthcare system in the education department.
MMC : Any advice for anyone wanting to take the leap and try to make it doing what they love?
SW : Just do it! I started out making bags to cover the cost of materials for my own wishlist, almost like a hobby. I encourage all people to feed their passion, do what they love. As an artist, I get lost in my workshop when I am creating. It keeps me grounded and allows me to be creative. It is a wonderful thing when you can do what you love daily.
MMC : Here at The Mindful Market Company we strive to bring a sense of mindful living to our customers. What does Mindfulness mean to you and how do you stay mindful?
SW : Being mindful to me is simply being aware of each and every moment. Being present in the life that I live, life is not defined by my past or what may be my future, but what is happening here and now. The way I stay mindful is to practice the art of contentment. Being content with who I am, blessings that I have, and where I am in life allow me to live my best life.

Check out Sam and The Waddle Workshop & follow him on Facebook and Instagram!

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