Boy Scout Survival Handbook

Most people think that when you go camping you just find some running water, a bathroom, and sleep in a camper.But if you do hold, it right there you aren't even close to ready. This article will make you more aware of where you are, more prepared and it will double the fun of your experience in nature.


Always be Prepared

the boy scout motto is ''always be prepared"

To be prepared for surviving in the wilderness you need to be ready for anything.

First of all, do you have these it`ems ready to go with you? Food,water,clothes,tent,jacket,hat,gloves,a pocket knife or machete,dryer lint, sticks,a plastic bag, garbage bag , Paracord, a first aid kit,a whistle,compass and a flint and steel. If you do you´ve passed, if you don't and you want to hike you better get these items because you aren't going to be able to survive without them. It is also important that you be careful and stay aware of your surroundings.

If you go without food you will get hungry. But you don't bring just any food you bring non-perishable foods/canned food

non perishable food

Like beans, if you don't the food might spoil. Now who wants to go camping and have their marshmallows smell like rotten feet.

Knowing your plants

Have you ever gone on a hike or explored the open doors and wondered if you were were in danger of coming in contact with a poisonous plant?As a certified Wilderness Identification guide through the BSA (Boy Scouts), I have had extensive training on plant safety and identification. To illustrate my knowledge ,I will share with you the many poisonous plants to look for and to beware of. A question that you are probably wondering is what plants are poisonous? I used to wonder too, because Poison ivy isn't the only one. Here are the most common plants in the woods that are poisonous. Poison ivy and poison oak are the most common plants. According to the scout leader, if you wash your hands with soap and water immediately it will make it so whatever comes in contact with it might not get itchy.

Poison oak plants look like shiny baby oak trees. They are covered in the oil that makes you itchy. Poison ivy is a plant with three leaves and it is very short. It is

also covered with oil. It turns red after a while.

Dressing for the weather

Before you leave to go camping check the weather.

Depending on the weather wear what is appropriate for the weather. Although the weather may say it's going to be nice you should pack clothes for every type of weather because you never know what could happen.

Getting started

Before you hike you need to have a partner if you have a partner and you get injured on the trail

Your partner can call the rangers or 911. Bring a walkie talkie to incase you dont have signal you can tune into a cb radio or just a regular radio and call for help. One brand that I would recommend is Cobra.They have a wide variety of walkie talkies ranging from pocket sized to clip on ones. You can order them on amazon or ebay but just know that the ones off of ebay might not function correctly or break. If you get them and they are battery powered make sure you put good batteries in them. But if they are cord charged make sure you charge them for a couple days to guarantee that they function and are charged up.

Staying safe

When you're in the woods there can be things that are dangerous but remember that you and the animals need to stay safe to survive. For example if you were to get near a beehive and you threw a rock at it you would harm them so they will harm you by stinging so they can survive.

Now that you have read this article double check this article and make sure you are good to go.

Are you ready?


Here are some reference sights that will give you some ideas of what plants and other stuff you should get or know about...



Paracord- pair- a -cord a 550 cord used for ;parachute suspension cords but is a general multi purpose cord used by cavillians and army.

Compass- a round container with magnets that move pointers that point to the north so that you can find the place that you came froom in case you get lost or are trying to find something.

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