Martin Luther Madison Wallace

Martin Luther: A Saint

Luther wrote his 95 theses to express his views about the corrupt ways of the church. They explained how he thought that the only way to be relieved of your sins was through confession, and that couldn't be bought. Luther wrote, "A truly contrite sinner seeks out, and loves to pay, the penalties of his sins; whereas the very multitude of indulgences dulls men's consciences, and tends to make them hate the penalties." He is showing his views, and describing the good in mankind that that makes them want to do the right thing.
" Any true Christian whatsoever, living or dead, participates in all the benefits of Christ and the Church; and this participation is granted to him by God without letters of indulgence." Martin Luther thought that selling indulgences was a power that the church did not have. In his theses, he states that humans who spend their money on indulgences and not helping the people around them would anger god. Martin Luther was trying to help people do the right thing in his eyes, and not upset God, or become sinful.
Luther translated the bible into vernacular, a language that people could read themselves. He thought that people should listen to the bible, and not just what the church said. Luther wrote "Christians must follow Christ at all costs." He wanted people to be able to learn from the bible itself, and not just what the pope interpreted. To many people, this was a great way for them to gain independence from the priests, and still have a religious connection.


Luther was excommunicated from the Pope after he posted his 95 theses. He refused to stop expressing his views on the Indulgences. Though he might of had the right reasons to speak out against the Church, he let his views get away from the Pope, questioning his power. If had Luther excepted the excommunication and stopped his teachings, the Church might have changed their minds and excepted his views.
In this image, Luther is burning the letter of excommunication showing his rebellious views against the Church. He has dismissed the Church's authority and decided that the Pope was not important figure who he and other's didn't have to listen too. Luther has ignored the Pope's warning, and in the Church's eyes, the Pope tried to stop his destructive actions, but his views are sinful.
This is a picture of the Catholic Cross. When Martin Luther took his stand against indulgences, he split the church into many groups. The Catholics, who still believed in indulgences were on one side, and the protestants of "Protestants" were against what they saw as corruption in the church. More followers of him were Lutherans, and a further branch of them were Calvinists. Martin Luther helped to break the church into many pieces, and was a sinner for separating so many people by faith.


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