Child Without Eye By: Gavin Morrison

Chapter 1

Stefanie calls Ray who is watching his littler sister Maria while she is coloring in her princess book and says, “Hey man I found this tape recorder while looking for my halloween costume for later tonight I think you and Maria should come over later tonight what do you think.” Ray tells Stefanie, “I think that is a plan what time do you want use to come over a listen to to the tape recorder.” Stefanie says, “How about around 9:45.” He says, “That sounds good see you then.” Then after they hung up the phones Stefanie put her costume on to go trick-or-treating with Ray and Maria and after they got done trick-or-treating at around 9:45 they went inside her house and they went into Stefanie’s room and she pulled out the tape recorder with the one tape in the recorder and they started listening to the recorder and it said, “Hello Yoki how is your day so far my name is Dr. Pruitt but you can call me Earl if you like.” The rest of the tape sounded just like a therapy session like Ray and Maria attended a while with their dad because of the passing of their mom just months ago. Then the girl in the tape all 3 of their names and it said go to the Grand Jaguar Woodland and find the rest of the tapes to find out what happened to me and help me please. Stefanie turned off the recorder and just stared at maria and ray with a blank stare and then said, “We need to go Grand Jaguar Woodland and find the rest of those tapes and find out what happened to that Yoki girl.” Ray started to shake his head yes but he turned and saw that Maria was already standing at the beginning of the woods and was holding one of those tapes

Chapter 2

Ray saw where she was at and started running down the stairs and he started to scream at her and then she turned to Ray and said with a eerie voice, “I found the second tape and Maria pointed to a little white figure with their back to the three and then the white figure turned and stared at them and what freaked them out the most was that the little girl had no eyes and was telling them to follow her deeper into the forest but before they could make a decision maria started walking to the into the forest following the suspicious figure into the forest and while doing that they found 2 more tapes and then they went into a house that looked abandoned and when they went inside the floor covered in dirt said, “It is safe here listen to the tapes and help me find the people who did this to me.” Stefanie took the first tape out and the second one into the tape recorder and the tape started and it said, “Test #1 Yoki you have to talk to us here so we can help you with whatever is going on inside your head so come o talk to me it's just you and me.” The tape recorder did nothing then about 5-10 minutes later the girl was crying and she was telling somebody to stop and then a real harsh and gravelly voice said, “You are going to enjoy this like a little girl and have all my kids.” The tape recorder stopped and after that Stefanie was crying and said, “When need to find whoever did this and put them in jail for the rest of their miserable lives.” Ray was holding her and maria and then the floor’s writing changed and said, “You need to leave now following my light now and hurry.” They gathered everything that they needed and followed the light further and further deep into the forest until the found a little log cabin in the forest with all the lights on that had Yoki’s name writing on the outside and some sticks were placed in a way that said this is my parents home and while they were outside they found the rest of the tapes they needed to find so they could put the story together. They knocked on the door and the parents opened the door and said, “quick get in here fast”. All three of them rushed inside the house as quickly as possible and they shut and locked the door and windows as they were in the house of Yoki and her parent’s and they said, “you found all eight of the tapes so we can put these bad men away.” They replied by shaking their heads yes and the parents got a sense of relief that these 3 kids found the all the tapes.

Chapter 3

The parents turned on a very dim light and they told them to put whatever tape they were on now and Stefanie handed ray the tape recorder and he put in in the recorder and then they hit play on the recorder and what they heard was unbelievable. “Private meeting #1 WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN THAT THE GIRL IS FUCKING MISSING YOU FUCKING IDIOTS DO I HAVE TO EVERYTHING MY GODDAMN SELF GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY BEFORE I KILL EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU and the that same voice that rape yoki said, “ I know where the girl is she is at her parents house right now with 3 kids by the name of Stefanie Karplus, Ray Swan, and Maria Swan and they better run from and the tape ended.

Chapter 4

The 3 of the freeze in place and don’t know what to do the parents tell them to put the next tape in the and the tape was the same as the 1 first one and the next few where the same but the last one froze everybody in place when it started at first it started as a therapy session as the first tape and the other ones then it turned into a torture tape the harsh and gravelly voice came on and said I told you to run yoki but you didn’t listen but the voice became less harsh and gravelly and it became more like my Stefanie’s dad voice and he said, “I tried to help you and you didn’t run hard, faster, or longer and now I have to do my job” Then the screaming started and it only lasted for about 3to 4 minutes and and then the Dr’s voice came on the recorder and started saying a ritual that nobody could understand and the Ray pulled out her phone and put it on recorder and her phone exploded and the house started to shake and was being picked up and dropped like somebody was picking a ball up and dropping it over and over again until it stopped.

Chapter 5

The house was back on the ground and everything was fine until Ray and yoki’s dad found that Stefanie, maria and yoki’s mom where dead and their eyeballs were removed from their eye sockets with such force that it looked like a wolf eat them first instead of the body and each of the body’s had 2 numbers with longitude and latitude 23 degrees North and 10 degrees West and a GPS was left on maria going to the exact point of what the body’s had on them and they started toward the 2.5 mile destination in Colorado in the car of yoki’s dad. Ray said, What should call you.” “Call me Dong-Sun,” yoki’s dad said.

Chapter 6

When the arrived in Colorado the only building that they was standing was the Rhino Soo company that made experimental weapons and vehicles for the United States military that was before they got there contract suspended for some reason that nobody knows. Ray says, “ Mr. Sun are you sure that this the right place because you and I need to find out what has happened on this night to you understand.” Dong-Sun said, “Yes i am pretty sure that we are in the right place and I totally understand what you are trying to say to me and i appreciate your concern that you have shown to my family and I deeply thank you my friend.” Ray starts to tear up a little up and the Dong-Sun nudges him and gives him the look like really man come on let's go and get this over with so I can get some sleep. Then ray and dong-sun entered the lobby and found the it was covered in blood from the floor to the ceiling and ray started to have a panic attack and Mr. Sun calmed him down and told him that it is all okay and that it will be fine and that they will get this together and that he needed to be strong for him right now so we can get to the bottom of the mystery so that all off this can end. Ray finally calmed down and they started toward the elevator and then a voice came over the pa and the voice sounded like the Dr from the recorder and it said, “Leave while you can the child with no eyes is coming and she is coming for all of us you need yo leav..." The voice was cut off and what was playing was the Dr choking on his own blood and the very heavy breathing came on and it was yoki.

Chapter 7

The two of them got in the elevator and ray hit the button that would take them to the where the Dr is and hopefully they get some answers from somebody and then get out of building as fast as they possibly can and go home. The elevator came to a very sudden stop and somebody was opening the elevator and when they saw who it was the got out and Mr. Sun punched him in the nose and broke it and said, “You will rot in hell for an eternity to what you have done to my daughter.” The stefanie’s dad stood up and said, “Call me Alton and what do you mean what I have done to your daughter I started to come this way after ray here sent me a message with these coordinates saying that they have your daughter.” Ray then gives the two older men a strange and confused look and said, “I didn’t send that message.” Then right after he said that all three of phones went off simultaneously and they all said the samething, “Come up to the Dr’s room I have a very big surprise.’ Then another message popped up on Alton’s phone that gave the number of the room and what the password is to the door so they can get in and they all went into the elevator and went to the room put in the password for the door and they were in and what they found would shock all three of them.

Chapter 8

They saw Stefanie, maria, Mrs.Sun, and the Dr. just standing them standing their with a very creepy smile on each of the faces and that the hand of doctor pointed behind the 3 men but when they looked nothing was in the deep black but then ray and then Alton feel to the ground and Mr.Sun turned to his daughter and smiled and sad good job my little pumpkin and then he jumped out the window and committed suicide. Then the next day a news report comes on and says, “People of the world I have some very disturbing news to bring to your attention. We have 6 confirmed deaths and not an eyewitness to confirm the incident we believe that this was the doing of the child with no eyes and the story is that every halloween a tape recorder was left in the attic of the victim that she chooses and leaves it in plain sight so that the victim the child has picked will pick the recorder up and do whatever it has told them to do and then it lures the victim into this building that is on the screen right now and it has been rumored that the lead doctor of this facility had done demon rituals and sacrifices so that the company could stay afloat and run smoothly and then one day somebody was walking by and they heard a ton of screaming and they saw that a ton of people 12,000 employees were murdered just in the lobby alone and then the person who watched the lobby massacre heard a crash from where the doctors office and lab would have been and he saw that it was the doctor who had a weird smile on his face and the address for who was the victim and it was the address of Ray and Maria Swan and now let's take a minute a pray for the lost ones here tonight… and that is all the time that we have for tonight and we will see you all tomorrow morning with the weather.”

Created By
Gavin Morrison

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