Artificial Intelligence By: Valeria Ordonez

I initially understood artificial intelligence as a development by computer systems that are able to perform human tasks including speaking, making decisions, and hearing. Due to this project, I learned that machines are being developed to be able to perform actions that are beyond human intelligence. For example, in the near future, cars will be programmed to function without the need of a person. The driver will still be in the car, but by the idea of artificial intelligence the driver will not have an affect on the function of the car.
Without having a face to face conversation with someone it's very hard to gain the trust you need to communicate with an unfamiliar person.

What interaction does technology have in today's social environment?

Technology has allowed social interaction to diminish because everyone is using a mobile device to interact instead of being in physical conversation with everyone.

Communication on technological devices leads to risky relationships because of the minimum amount of trust that is developed through conversations that aren't physical.
A typical day with an artificially intelligent machine would consist of the tasks that I complete daily. With the machine's help it will be easier and faster to complete these certain tasks. On a school day, the machine will be programmed to perform my daily routine that includes getting ready for the day. The machine will be able to see, read, write, translate languages, walk, and sing just as a human being would be able to do.
Artificially intelligent machines should have restrictions because if not humans would eventually become useless. This is because these machines are programmed to preform human tasks which means that human beings will not be needed for theses actions. Some restrictions include decision making, thinking, speaking, and walking. If these machines were to perform all the listed tasks, then humans will lose their ability to make decisions and function properly.

Top Ten Reasons That Go Against Artificial Intelligence

  1. Extinction of the human race
  2. Slavery
  3. World War III
  4. Economic Collapse
  5. Big Brother AI
  6. Loss of Humanity
  7. Environmental Catastrophe
  8. Loss of Knowledge
  9. Total Domination of Technology
  10. Fear of Change

My hopes for a future with artificially intelligent machines is that they would not take over the existence of humans. As mentioned before, these machines are being developed to perform human tasks which is very helpful and in a way necessary. However because they will be able to complete the tasks that humans are responsible for, eventually humans might become useless.

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