MCOM 2400 Projects Makayla Eads

As a MCOM 2400 project, we were tasked with creating and maintaining a blog throughout the semester. My blog takes a slightly different approach to the average lifestyle blog.

My next MCOM 2400 project was a podcast. The purpose of the podcast to discuss body image.

For the class photography project, I paired with my classmate Emily Deakins to create an IMovie. Our focus on the project was a philanthropy our sorority ,Sigma Kappa, had for Alzheimer's.

If our talk show, The Buzz, had not died this would be the glideshow for our Adobe Premiere video. R.I.P. The Buzz

This class can be summarized in one word, Adobe. We have learned so many different Adobe programs over the course of this semester, and because of that my confidence in using these programs has sky rocketed. I think of all the programs we have learned so far, my strength is in either Adobe Spark or Muse. I really enjoy making these story layouts on Spark and I also enjoy the creative freedom that Muse allows for creating custom websites. My weakness is Adobe Premiere. My group had a lot of issues with Premiere which ultimately ended in the death of our talk show video (I should point out it was not Premiere's fault it was a cursed memory card), but even before the passing of our video, the editing process confused me at times.

As I continue my career in Advertising I hope to learn more about Social Media advertising. Social Media is the direction I want to head in and I need all the experience and advice I can get.

The project I enjoyed the most was my blog; I have always wanted my own blog that I could populate with my own unique content and this class allowed me to do that! There was not a project that I dreaded or hated but if I had to rank all the projects this semester it would probably be the newsletter on Adobe InDesign. The only issue I had with the newsletter was the text boxes did not always turn out the way I wanted. Even with that small issue with InDesign this class has been extremely rewarding and beneficial.


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