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Lesson 1: playground Basics

Famous Apps

List of the popular apps:

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Whatsapp.
  • Snapchat.
  • Instagram.

I think that what makes them so popular may because you can socialize more with other people and it also makes communication between friends family and whoever more easy and is also very simple to use that everyone can use it. Other thing that help with the popularity of this apps is that it let you share important moments or well anything you want with everyone else.

Lesson 2: Naming And identifiers

Idea Storm:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Food Maker*
  • Goodreads
  • Weather,
  • I don't know other one in this moment.

(*refers to a new app.)

Lesson 3: strings

Strings Activity

Primary I would like to center my audience to teens and young adults because they are the ones who uses apps more because they're also the ones who are always in the cell me included so it would make easier to spread my app, but i would also like to make an app that could be for those people that would like to make tradicional food of a certein country or culture.

lesson 4:Hello, world!

Activity 3

Some apps are simply easier to use than other and this is because of the UI this is because it is made in a way that everyone can understand such as a 10 years old kid as a grandpa. This is why I'll rank the apps I choose for lesson 1.

  1. In this place I'll put Whatsapp because for me is by far the easiest and the reason is that it only contains a chat and that's all it's really simply to use.
  2. In second place is Instagram because I find it easy to use due to you only need to post pictures and is not that complicated.
  3. Twitter is in third place because many people use it and is not that hard to use really that's why I think is a reason of why is one of the most popular social network apps.
  4. Facebook for me this can be the fourth place because you can do so many things in this app that you need to take a little time to know were are all the options that you may use.
  5. Snapchat for me is a little more difficult to adapt a know how to use it property or well that is how I see that app.

Lesson 5: First App

Other Activity

Well I still thinking that a social network because are the more popular and I can pass there hours and hours and they solve some problems in the social part, but I still thinking that it will be good an App were you can see recipes of food all around the world so more people could prepare it and learn about the food all around the world and maybe add something of a social network so people can talk and share personal recipes or promove n business.

Lesson 6: Functions


(New)App Name: Shorten (I think.)

Problem: Many people and students getting infomation from not trusty places because of laziness.

My (new) app will: help people to give an idea of what they're looking for and get some places were they can find some trusty information.

Because: I think this could help more people to know what they want to know and don't get some misinfomation.

lesson 7: Boogie Bot

Well the App that we are planning to make will not have that much of features included besides touchscreen obviously and maybe just maybe a GPS, but I don't think any other could have something to do with our app even thought they could be very cool aplications.

lesson 8: variables


I will really like the idea of our app to include some kind of GPS to know if there is a library near you were you could find a book from the theme you're looking for and it will be obviously touchscreen. It could also give some news to the uses about the things that he like and the option of making chats with other people to discuss about a topic of interest.

lesson 9: type

I find some apps with similar concepts to our app because they consist in taking a picture to a parragraph or giving a link and then the app will give you a resume of that information which is kind of what we are looking for the difference would be that we plan to not only give a summary of that but also give something were you can rread more about that.

I also see that those kind of apps have little feedback or reviews and the ones that have only say things like "Needs improvement".

lesson 10: parameters and results

Well as most of the apps I would like my app to be simple so as many people posible could use it without a problem with a text of a considerable size because if there are just too small many people wouldn't be able to read it but they can't be to big because they will just take too much space. Also I would like it to be visually appealing so it take te attenction of the users.

lesson 11: making decisions

A good icon is a really important thing for an app because the first thing that get the attention of the people is the icon maybe because of the colors or the image it has, but if your icon fails to get the attention of ypur client you're preatty much doomed.

For my app it would be good if ot goes directly to the main menu so it don't take that much time from the user and maybe adding a little tutorial so the user know in a fast way how to use the app can be a good idea even thought.


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