A Long Way Gone Halle Nauman and Katherine johnson

Sierra Leone borders the countries Guinea and Liberia. The natural resource Sierra Leone provides is diamonds. Their government is a republic with a multiparty democracy and a unicameral parliament and executive president.

The Revolutionary United Front often attacks villages and abducts the surviving children. Their goal was to overthrow the Liberian government.

The start of Sierra Leone's war was that the RUF began to campaign against President Momoh and captured towns on the border of Liberia. During the first year of the war the RUF took control over eastern and southern Sierra Leone. Children soldiers fought for the rebels and the pro- government militia. Some children escaped and joined the Kamajors who often gave them food and shelter.

Children are being used in wars in the countries of Liberia, Congo, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Burma. In the countries Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast children are being used as slaves to make chocolate. They are being kidnapped from Burkina Faso and taken to Ivory Coast.

A child soldier in Sudan.

There are chocolate companies who are trying who are trying limit the chocolate amount being exported from Africa. Mars, Nestle, and Hersheys are the main chocolate companies who trying to limit the amount of chocolate.

The UN send troops to the warzone and offers a peace agreement, but they weren't welcomed. The UN tries to negotiate action plans with governments and armed groups to end their use of child soldiers.

Ishmael Beah is 36 years old and has settled down in Brooklyn, New York. Ishmael didn't use a writing method, he just start down and wrote from start to finish. He attended Oberlin College in Ohio. Ishmael was fascinated by the English.

Ishmael is a member of the Human Rights Watch Childrens Rights Division Adversary Committee.

The other videos we watched were "About My Book 1" and "Sharing My Experience". We learned that Ishmael started writing his book because he realized a lot of Americans were not aware of what was happening in Sierra Leone. We learned that the war started when Ishmael was 11 years old and reached his town when he was 12.

The video was about Ishmael telling about his experience being a child soldier.

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