S P A C E Using virtual reality to improve group work and projects

During these virtual reality workshops our group looked into the application of VR in group projects and conference meetings. We were inspired to further look into this.

Our inspiration was the free social multiplayer game Altspace.

We wanted to bring this concept to a professional and corporate level. We would like to see this used in education establishments for group projects between different universities and long distance collaboration. It could also be used for business conferences.

For this to work, the parties communicating via Space would have to have identical room layouts. The physical elements within will need to be exact to each other in order for the experience to be accurate. This will be a highly customisable experience, the image below is a mockup of the core base model and elements that the user would interact with. This has the potential for further customisation, the users will have the ability to choose where the meeting takes place (i.e. in a forest, apartment, and office). The table and chair elements will always be there, no matter what setting.

This concept is designed for long sessions where information between users can be communicated fluently to replicate the productive nature of real/physical meetings

Below are names of the members that worked on the concept:

Andraz Mohar

Callum Mitchell

Harvey Richardson

Ben Adams

Zak Atkins

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