Brussels 'Lockdown' Alex Rossi - Sky News senior correspondentĀ 

A damp drizzly wet has descended over Brussels. The streets are surreally quiet and the cold wind cutting in from the North Sea hacks at the EU flags outside the European Commission. The city is gripped by anxiety.

There are a few people out and about but many have decided to work from home.

Children stay safely inside - schools across the city have been shuttered until at least Wednesday.

The Metro will also stay closed until tomorrow

Many businesses are shut and takings are down. Much of Brussels is under military protection

The usually busy streets are empty of traffic. People are being told to avoid crowds and large gatherings

Belgium's Prime Minister, Charles Michel, has told the nation that a Paris style attack remains 'imminent'.

On the streets soldiers stand outside embassies and offices. Their automatic weapons readied by their sides.

"We are still confronted with the same type of threat we were facing. The potential targets are the same. I remind you these are highly frequented places, such as shopping centres, streets and public transport."

Terror is now part of the everyday lexicon in Brussels. It is a language that has permeated all aspects of life.

The goal of terrorism, remember, is not to simply kill but to spread fear and hatred.

From the terrorists' perspective it is better to murder one person gruesomely in plain sight than many people in a place where it goes unnoticed.

There is then a synergy between the media and the terrorists' acts. Without the event being published or broadcast the action loses its ability to terrify the masses and take hold in people's minds.

With Brussels under 'lockdown' the horror of Paris remains alive and the success of the attacks goes on and on.

The headlines on the news channels and in the newspapers amplify that sense of the enemy within.

An extremist foe, drunk on Islamist ideology, that could strike at anytime.

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