Nahum Patschke's Genius Hour

Blog Post #1

I have decided to focus on continuing my research on baits to use for catfish in Texas. Mostly on the kinds we fish for here in central Texas here in the creeks and lakes. This is important me because i go fish a lot this time of the year and i need to get better at it. That means learning new bait for each kind of catfish and how to catch them. Most times we do not know what we are doing and i want to change that by learning new methods. My goals are to find the best baits for each species i fish for. I will research on channel, blue (humpback), and Flathead (yellow) catfish. Because those are what type of catfish we fish for in Texas.Also they are what i and most other people will fish for. Mostly because there are not any other types of catfish in Texas. I will measure my goals by using what i learned when fishing and seeing if it works or if it does not. With what i learn, like say new bates then i will use it while fishing. So if i catch a lot of fish then i learned a good way, but if i dont i failed.

Blog Post #2

Ive learned that channel catfish are the most common catfish in Texas. The baits to use on them there are worms, liver, stink or baits. Blue catfish bight on just about everything cut shad, liver, stink bait. They are kinda like channel cat but are a lot more aggressive . Yellow catfish are different they only will eat live bait. Like perch, live shad, or minnows. Their meat taste much better than other catfish because they do not eat dead stuff only alive fish. I've leaned that there are lots of different ways to catch catfish. Everyone has there ways to fish and i will never stop learning about the sport. Although i grew up fishing there are still stuff i am learning in every article i read. I used different fishing websites articles. Also watch videos on fishing. I will keep reading more articles and getting different opinions on baits. Then using what i learn when fishing.

Blog Post #3

I've learned the best way to catch lots of fish is too set trot or drop lines. A trot line is a long string with around 50 hooks. it can stretch from one end of a river or tank all the way to the other side. Drop lines are about 4 foot with a big weight on the bottom. Above the weight there are 2 hooks. You tie it to brush or trees along a river. You will need a boat to set and check the lines. You need to bait these lines with live perch. Or shad. Next time i go fishing i will use these tactics in the water. I also learned you have to put a big weight at the ends of drop lines and in the middle of trotlines.

Blog Post #4

I've learned there are many home made baits you can make and use. Cows blood works good for channel cat. Garlic, dawn soap,french fry just about anything. You can blend all of those up and make a cum to attract the catfish. You can also use it separate on hooks. I plan too try some of these odd baits next time i fish and actually see if they work. Bubble gum like the brand big chew or any other type of gum on your hook. Spoiled shrimp works good for channel and blue catfish but they need to be spoiled. Another house hold item that works is canned dog or cat food. You can also put spam on your hook. One question i have is how some of these baits will stay on a hook or how to keep them from falling off. Also i need to test them too see how effective they are and if there worth using. These bait will only probably work on rode and rill not on trout of drop lines. Because on trout or drop lines other bait fish will steal the bail before large catfish can find it. Also the river current can nock the bait off the hooks. On these baits you would have to use triple hooks so the bait would stay on. Normal original hooks would not work.

Blog Post #5

I've learned that perch is the best thing to use when using tout and drop lines. Almost any cat will bite in a small live perch. Also that chicken liver works best for channel catfish in tanks and creeks using a rod and reel. Stink bait also works good but my personal opinion is to use liver over stink bait. This i learned from going and actually fishing. It takes awhile to really see what there biting it might change in a hour. Ives learned that my knowledge of fishing is pretty large but there is still stuff i could learn. Because almost everyone has there secret remedy or tactic.This week i watched lots of videos and actually went fishing and that's where i learned the most. I'm most likely going fishing this weekend to use different tactics and baits and just see what works. Also make my own video of how i fish for my finial project. Also might use different swivels on my line or maybe putting 2 hooks to one line.

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