Commercial Design 2020 - 2021

Hello! I'm Alexis Diamond, you can refer to me by whatever pronouns you desire, and I'm in my junior year of high school! I love to draw, whether traditional or digital, and I also love to make edits using After Effects and read! I aspire to make at least a webcomic when I get older, because I really enjoy reading those. I'd say some artists that inspire me are: Haruichi Furudate, the author of Haikyuu and @nicoima (on TWT) the author of This Is Not Fiction. Some of my interests right now are Friday Night Funkin, Mob Psycho 100 and Haikyuu.

The objective was to make a logo for a coffee shop. I decided to incorporate a sun into my theme, as lot's of people drink coffee in the morning. I'd say coffee shops give off a warm vibe, so I used orange as one of the main colors in the letterhead and business card, as well as the dimension project.

The objective was to create blackout poetry but in a creative way. In case you can not read it, the text reads: "her powder-blue pillow. thoughtful "friends." he burst into flames." It's up to reader interpretation to figure out what that exactly means. The flame is meant to represent the fire, and you can see a man. The squiggles represent smoke, and inside the man, his inner turmoil.

This was one of my favorite assignments. The objective was to create an artwork using a Fibonacci sequence. I made mine a vaporwave theme and I believe I have replicated it very well, at least for my skill level. I'm super proud of it! I had to use lot's of different types of markers for the rainbow though,, because they kept dying!

These are a couple other of my creative assignments! I was really proud of the one displaying my name, I think the patterns are all very unique and I'm especially proud of how I colored the pumpkins! Also, Yachi (the girl in the drawing) looks exceptionally adorable in that outfit. We were supposed to draw our name in a creative way that also reflected Halloween/Fall, and I believe I did exactly that! For the other drawing, we were supposed to draw a landcape using the elements of design, and I decided to get creative and make a volcano! I think if I were to redo the assignment, I'd spend more time on the bottom, with the tree and lake. They look too much the same. I think the volcano looks cool, though.


Created with an image by saasha1300 - "night view neon light"