Pink Sunday October 27, 2019 - 10:45 AM

"We don't know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have." Please wear pink and help us to support the fighters, admire the survivors, honor the taken; And never, ever give up the hope." #RingTheBell

Sunday School: 10.27.2019

The Intermediate Senior Quarterly (Ages 13-17)

Lesson 8: Faith Can Heal

"Faith Saves: Showing Love When You Are Forgiven"

Background Scripture: Luke 7:36-50

Scripture: Luke 7:37-48

The Young People - Adult Quarterly (Ages 18+)

Adult Unit II: Responses to God's Faithfulness

General Lesson Title: Faith Saves

Topic: Extravagant Love

Devotional Reading: John 13: 3-11

Background Scripture: Luke 7: 36-50

"I will resist any social pressures that tend to prevent my expressions of love and gratitude to Christ, our Savior!"

Rev. Sandra Sistare

30th Pastoral Appreciation

October 13, 2019

Pastor, What Is Your Secret
A Sneek Peak

A Personal Note from Ms. Mozelle Williams

Our family extends our warmest regards to Pastor Sistare for your support at the lost our brother, Mr. Maso Williams, Jr. Words cannot express the joy I received upon seeing members of the church at the funeral. God bless each of you for your telephone calls and sympathy cards. Many, many thanks, again, for your loyal and loving support. Ms. Mozelle Williams

Connectional Lay Sunday

Steele Hill celebrated Connectional Lay Sunday, Sunday, October 20 during Morning Service. Contact: Terrance Barr, President

The General Conference of the A.M.E. Zion Church directs that there shall be a Lay Council for the purpose of deepening the spiritual life of the Laity; to disseminate information; to cultivate denominational loyalty, to expand the denomination through education and evangelism and to promote any other interest of the Kingdom of God. The Lay Council shall be under the control of the Board of Lay Activities, which Board shall be appointed by the Board of Bishops.”

Members of Steele Hill Lay Council

Steele Hill Lay Council Community Partner: Van Wyck Elementary School

In addition to collecting school supplies for VWES, the Steele Hill Lay Council enabled the school to have their "Spirit Rock"

If it can be loaded on his truck, Jerry will tow it! I think this as his first time towing a "ROCK" "Is Fred, Tia, and Terrance here?"

When Division = Addition (New Math)

Due to the direction of the rock facing the sun and the night temperature, the rock endured a perfect split "down the middle" Now, the school has 2 spirit rocks.

Congratulations to Indian Land High School Band

On Saturday, Oct 19th the Warrior Marching Band earned a Superior rating at 3A Upperstate Championships and qualified for for 3A State Finals. The band will perform at 11:15 at Chapin High School this Saturday, Oct 26th. Ja'Lin McKinney is a member of the band and Tenisha Taylor is Assistant Band Director. (Any omissions or errors are purely unintentional) Congratulations and your church family is proud of you and will be cheering for your continued success!

Tenisha, Ja'Lyn and Band Members

Health Corner

Mammogram Myths

Four mammogram myths debunked

(RxWiki News) For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we're debunking four common mammogram myths.

Mammograms are low-dose X-ray pictures of the breast. Because mammography can detect breast cancer tumors before they can be felt, screening is very important for early detection. And early breast cancer detection has been linked to higher chances of survival. Speak with your doctor about how often you should be screened for breast cancer. For more information on performing a breast self-exam and detecting breast changes, check out Detecting Breast Cancer Early.

According to an estimate from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), over 60 percent of breast cancer cases are diagnosed before they spread. And about 90 percent of women whose breast cancer was detected and treated are cancer-free at five years.

Because mammography is important for early cancer detection, it's important to not be fooled by the following four myths.

1) Myth: Mammograms Are Not Helpful in Detecting Breast Cancer

Truth: Regular mammograms are the best screening available to help doctors detect breast cancer early. In some cases, mammograms can help detect breast cancer up to three years before it can be felt.

2) Myth: Mammograms Cause Cancer

Truth: Mammograms use very small doses of radiation. Having a mammogram done is like getting an X-ray.

Due to continuous improvements in technology, the radiation doses used during mammography have continued to decrease. Plus, mammograms continue to improve in terms of accuracy. The benefits of detecting and treating breast cancer outweigh the small risk of harm from radiation exposure.

3) Myth: Mammograms Are Not Accurate

Truth: Mammograms may not be 100 percent perfect, but they are the best screening tool available for early detection. In fact, when breast cancer is present, mammograms are around 80 percent e­ffective at detecting it.

False negatives are a possibility and may occur around 20 percent of the time. False negatives are when a mammogram fails to detect breast cancer.

On the flip side, false positives are also possible. This means the results from a mammogram indicate there is cancer, but in reality, there is no cancer.

Although both false negatives and false positives are possible, regular screenings and follow-up with additional testing can help negate these possibilities.

4) Myth: Thermograms and Nipple Aspirators Are a Substitute for Mammograms

Truth: The FDA has no evidence to support the use and reliability of thermograms or nipple aspirators in detecting breast cancer.

Thermograms produce a picture that highlights the patterns of blood flow and heat near the body's surface. Some have claimed that thermograms can replace mammograms and that they actually can find breast cancer earlier than mammograms.

Nipple aspirators collect fluid from the nipple using a breast pump. The fluid is then analyzed for abnormal and potentially cancerous cells. Some have also claimed that this test is an effective screening tool for detecting breast cancer and other breast diseases.

Ask your health care provider any questions you have about breast cancer and early detection.

Written by Anyssa Garza, PharmD, BCMAS


Breast Cancer Female Womens Health Cancer


US Food and Drug Administration, "Mammograms"

US Food and Drug Administration, "Mammography"

US Food and Drug Administration, "4 Mammography Myths"

Image Courtesy of Wavebreakmedia Ltd | Dreamstime.com

National Prescription Take Back Day

October 26, 2019 - 10 AM - 2 PM

The National Prescription Drug Take Back Day aims to provide a safe, convenient, and responsible means of disposing of prescription drugs, while also educating the general public about the potential for abuse of medications.

Locate a Collection Site Near You. Search by zip code or city/state to find a collection site near you.

Help Our College Students

It’s almost Finals time for our college students. Parents, please provide your student’s name and their favorite snacks list for a Steele Hill Finals Care Package. Collection dates: Sunday, 11/3 - Sunday, 11/24 Pack day: 11/24 after service Mail day: 11/25 Thank you, SH CED
The Freshmen are Getting Settled! We will check on the parents and grandparents!

Pee Dee Celebration Choir Challenge

A friendly challenge has been set before us. Who will have the most participants in the Pee Dee Celebration Choir - Lancaster District or Cheraw-Bennettsville? Of course we want to win! The Lancaster District CED wants to help build the excitement by introducing......

The Great Choir Challenge Contest

All Lancaster District Churches that have 10 or more children, youth or young adults to participate in the choir and/or CED Day will be placed in a drawing to win $200 towards your CED ministry.

The Lancaster District Church with the largest number of children, youth and young adults to participate in the choir and/or CED Day (minimum 10 participants) will receive $200 towards your CED ministry! In case of a tie, a drawing will be held to determine the winner.

Both winners will be featured on the District Social Media Platforms

The number of participants will be based on participation not only in the choir, but also in CED Day Saturday of the Annual Conference. Attendance will be taken for both.

So Lancaster District, please get on aboard and announce this ministry opportunity in your church. Attached are the choir flyers to share with your congregation.

Any questions about the challenge contact Tina Johnson, Any questions about the Choir contact Angela Thompson.

Expect the Great!!!!

In The Community

Please Contact Verta W. Looper or Robin Kirk for Tickets
Greetings Friends and Supporters of The Town Of Heath Springs, South Carolina! It is my hope that this invitation finds you well and productive. Heath Springs will "kick off" the holiday season with festivities for the entire family. (Please see attached) Our 2018 celebration was a huge success with over 300 participants in attendance!! This year The Town Of Heath Springs would like to include YOU. Please consider joining our community for a joyous and festive event on November 24, 2019. Thank you for sharing this correspondence within your media outlets. We look forward to celebrating with YOU! P.S. Kindly Respond by November 4, 2019 Dr. Zora Smith Denson Director of Community Relations Mayors Office Town Of Heath Springs, South Carolina 313 401 2585

IMPORTANT: To All Residents of Steele Hill Community and Members of Steele Hill A.M.E. Zion Church

It Is Very Important That We As Residents and Members Participate in These Upcoming Meetings. The Southern Panhandle is defined as Highway 75 (Waxhaw Rd. south to Highway 5) Along with the school, large property owners (100 acres +, the churches can be a strong influencer of what our community will look like going forward. (Fred will share more information Sunday! )

‘Moving beds’ to where the patients are. How and why Indian Land may get a new hospital

By John Marks October 24, 2019 02:09 PM, Updated October 24, 2019 02:44 PM

Another hospital may be coming to one of the fastest-growing places in the region.

At their most recent meeting, trustee boards for the Medical University of South Carolina and hospital systems voted to file five new certificates of need for healthcare expansions. The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control has to issue a CON for major medical projects.

One request involves MUSC Health Lancaster Medical Center relocating 100 beds from its 225-bed facility to a new hospital in the high-growth Indian Land area. There’s a need, according to MUSC, to serve what is the second, fastest-growing zip code in the state.

An exact location or construction details for the new hospital aren’t set. The site should, according to MUSC, include medical and surgical inpatient care, imaging, emergency services and outpatient care.

“We want to serve South Carolina residents in South Carolina by making top-quality care available in their home communities,” Cawley said. “In keeping with our delivery of care with a local community focus, it’s important to emphasize that the current MUSC Health facility in the city of Lancaster will remain open and continue to serve the patients and families in that geographic area.”

The existing hospital is the former Springs Memorial Hospital. Lancaster Medical Center has more than 100 physicians and a variety of hospital services including cardiology and stroke care.

On The Political Front


The Lancaster County Sheriff Department reported a rash of vehicle break ins recently in our area. Again, so I would remind you to lock your vehicles at night and remove your valuables. If you see anyone or anything suspicious in your neighborhood please call 911 and have a deputy respond immediately.

Sgt Bill Murphy

Crime Prevention/Community Service Officer

Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office

803-313-2148 Office

803-288-2734 Cell

Please remember to support Miss Cierra Morrison, our 2019 Home Missions Queen!
The Weekend Stay at The Ballantyne Resort is Still ON The TABLE!

The first drawing was Sunday, October 20. There were some big WINNERS. If you did not win Sunday, there is still HOPE! There is another drawing coming UP. Ray Morrison was a BIG Winner along with Frances Tyson and Elder Christian

Ray won the Gift Card to Firebirds!
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