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I took my first art class in Smith in my 2nd semester of my 8th grade year, this is the said class. I really love being able to express myself and my pesonal style through my artwork.

This may be my first art class here at Smith, but I have used the techniques that I was taught from elementary school and sixth grade to further my understanding and skill in art. I have also used my language classes as a way to use culture to influence my art.

The creative process always has a big impact on the way I do my art. My favorite part of the process would have to be presenting, not only because I get the chance to share my take on what we have have been learning but I also get to see how others were impacted and chose to show this.

My favorite artist would have to be Lynda Benglis, she is a visual artist. I like her because it's a cool and modern way that she presents her work, as if something is their for the paints to drip down. The sculptures are made out of a poured latex, she also makes paintings out of wax. She first made he sculptures out of beeswax, but moved on to polyurethane, gold-leaf, zinc and aluminum.

I would like to continue taking art and perhaps when I am older, I will collect art both to influence me culturally and to decorate my house.


Created with images by Miroslavik - "brush drawing watercolor"

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