French Revolution By: katarina jones

Causes of the French Revolution

The French Revolution was not successful. The French Revolution led to extreme violence and fear. After the fall of Bastille the French had worked to reestablish documents. One of the causes that led to the French Revolution was the debt that France was in when Louis XVI was king. The estate system decided to tax the poor workers but not taxing the clergy or the nobles. The Enlightenment ideas caused everyone to question the churches and to get away from the church.

King Louis XVI

Louis XVI was deeply in debt. Louis XVI told people what to do so the people started to believe him, his thoughts, and other people's thoughts.when the enlightenment ideas came to the people the people wanted to get rid of king Louis XVI. King Louis XVI was then sentenced to be executed then later his wife.

Napoleon: hero or villain.

Napoleon Bonaparte was a general for France. He was born in Corsica in 1769. Napoleon wanted to help France during the revolution. Napoleon and his men killed many people during the wars but he did do some good for France. I think Napoleon was a villain during the French Revolution because he had killed a lot of people everywhere he went he left a trail of blood behind. After the wars that Napoleon had fought in he returned to France and took control of France.

Napoleon then crowned himself as emperor in 1804. When Napoleon crowned himself he thought that was no power greater than him. 8 years pasted Napoleon and his army had token over much of Europe which he was a successful leader. Even though he was a successful leader wherever he went there were tons of deaths. When Napoleon was out on the battle field he was not hungry for food he was hungry for battle. He would finish one battle then go fight in another he liked fighting for the French.

Britain and other countries were in war with France. The French Revolution had divided many people. The French Revolution led to the rise of Napoleon who liked winning. The French Revolution had caused the US a lot of trouble. It caused the US trouble because it led to many problems in the foreign policy. The French and the British had gone into war bringing the US into the middle of it. Both countries were counting on the US to ship things to other country.

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