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Hello. Thanks for viewing my portfolio. I work as a full-time freelancer from home, cafes, beaches, etc. and I enjoy doing this. While I’ve got good offers for positions from senior developer to chief technology officer over the years, I’ve never taken any of them so far as I enjoy what I presently do. This page is a recollection of projects I’ve made over the years in reverse chronology.

I’m currently building 2 apps: a golf-related Android app, and a magazine-based web app. I will write on these later when I've completed them. But before that...

Amazon reached out to me to be one of the speakers at their community day this year. I gave a talk on how to build voice-driven apps for Amazon Alexa on the 27th of July 2019, at the Conrad, Bengaluru.

I gave an advanced workshop at a non-profit that’s building an app for tracking the nutrition of village kids. The talk was on the best practices to implement offline capability on their app which would enable their Anganwadi workers to store information even when they were on the field without any network range.

The head of a travel startup called TripTantra reached out to me so I can build their Android app. They had their website built through some dev shop and were disappointed as it had too many issues. I fixed those issues, built an API and developed a beautiful Android app from scratch for their travel booking service. Check out a demo video below:

A friend from my alma-mater was working for a Singaporean startup called x0pa AI. They had a bunch of developers working on a data-science project and had an issue which could not be resolved even after 2 weeks of google searching and stack overflow search. In the end, my friend suggested to their CEO that he knows me from college and I may be able to solve it. He reached out to me and I solved it in a day in a couple of hours. The team was impressed and they offered more work to build their ReactJS-based AI project and I built several modules for them. They offered me a work contract to join as a CTO but as a remote job since I requested it. I turned down the offer eventually due to some disagreements with their contract clauses and moved on to my next client project.

Screenshots of my work for x0pa

I made a beautiful website for Blue Horn Inc. for their business. It was professionally designed and developed with a clean process that has been tailored over several years. The website itself has a powerful backend where my client can make edits to change the content on his own.

BlueHorn Website

I built a finance management app called FinanceNow for my client. It’s a simple to use app that lets you input your financial data to get information about your financial health which includes your months to survive, insurance required and many more cool features. The app is a standalone app so no data gets sent to the internet, it’s completely offline. This app was launched on 10th June 2017 to the Google playstore.

Screenshots of FinanceNow Android App

And before that, I worked on a project called Yahavi which was an entertainment app. It was going well and I worked to build an excellent app but the client apparently ran out of funds and this project got stalled.

Screenshots of Yahavi Android App

Before that, I built an eCommerce website for a company who sells cakes. It’s custom-built with an administrative panel from where my client can manage inventory on their own. Most of my apps are self-managed this way and I only get paid for development and no maintenance (since these are self-maintenable).

Cakes On Wheels eCommerce Web App Frontend
Cakes On Wheels eCommerce Web App Backend

Before this, I was on a small break from working for clients, I had moved to my hometown and was there for a couple of months. Here I worked on a micro-business that now pays off a small amount every month. It’s a series of web plugins. I consider these as assets since they keep generating revenue every month through purchases (mostly foreign users). I’ve also written several free plugins as I’m a huge supported of FOSS projects as well.

The Carousel Plugin
The Magnific Gallery Plugin
The Mobile Plugin
The Social Login Plugin
The Txt Plugin

And many more such plugins. I made some themes too…

Readium and Identity Themes

I had learned how to build mobile and web apps on my own and studied how projects were made and delivered in larger corporates. I wanted to experiment single-handed fullstack development i.e. to build an entire product end-to-end single-handedly, and was looking for the right client to test this. And I got lucky...

The app was built completely by me from scratch. The client agreed with my proposal of individual development and I kept delivering to the timeline confirming that I was capable of such work. The app was well built and I did it cheaper too as the client agreed to a lower pricing option where I retained ownership of the source code. We also had agreed that I get full credit for development work so that I’m mentioned in any articles or media, and also that I had bragging rights i.e. to use it in any contest and win prizes—which I did...

Winning the Google Maps Master Challenge — https://goo.gl/GfVLND

Things were going well. The client had started to negotiate on me coming on board as the CTO for his startup and I thought things were going to settle down for a year or 2 with me working for a single startup.

But then all of a sudden the client breached the terms of our agreement. He had revoked the keys I had set up on the servers and removed access to me from the play store account—this was in violation of what we had agreed with, he could have legally paid the higher development rate that I had initially offered and obtained the source code. He even blocked my number preventing me from calling him so I wrote legal notices using the DCMA and copyright act to Google and IBM’s softlayer team. Google responded back that they would verify the ownership if it belonged to me and then take down the app if it did. And just like that in 24 hours, the app was down.

Justice was served — https://goo.gl/Hjqhhp

With this proof, I had written to the NS Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning, IIM Bangalore whom the startup was incubated under but no response from them even with Google’s proof. I was not surprised considering that they give away tax payers money to startups with no justification on the legality of what they do with it.

Finally the client unblocks me, and then we make further negotiations that ends up in him settling to finally purchase the source code legally. The client didn’t stop with the app block, he committed further crimes and I have written a summary of those in LinkedIn for anyone to read it… Part 1, Part 2. The final payment was half the actual amount and so I agreed to give rights only to the Android source code and keystore file which he needed and lift the ban, and allowed the web source code which was already stolen to be used by him freely without raising any more issues. Legally the web source code still belongs to me but then you win some, you lose some…

Settlement and Copyright — https://goo.gl/nLg0TS

This was a large project considering that it had tons of features and I gained a lot of experience which I could not on my earlier projects, which were a range of small-to-medium sized projects.

A website for my dad’s business who was able to get some leads through it.

Raaj Construction Website

A multi-lingual medical consulting website for my cousin which unfortunately wasn’t promoted or used well… yet beautifully designed and coded.

World of Urology Website

A clean website for an upcoming Kollywood Actor Jega.

Actor Jega’s Official Website

A simple website for my uncle's local business SK Hollow Blocks

SK Hollow Blocks Website

A beautiful blog for a good friend…

Roderick’s Personal Blog

A powerful web app with backend for my cousin’s company Sky Properties

Sky Properties Web Application

In between all these projects, I used to go to many meetups related to my work. This even helped me get clients (like the "highway delite" client was from a meetup). I even gave a talk in one meetup.

Giving a talk on "building material design UI for the web"

I even took a free workshop on introduction to ethical hacking, web development and android development at Hasanath College, Ulsoor at this time but unfortunately took no photos then.

And my first project when I moved to Bangalore—an Android app that was to be internally used by a Bangalore-based real estate startup. The day I landed in Bangalore, I had already set up a meet with “The House Monk” who found me through Quora. Fortunately, I had the skills that they were looking for in an Android developer—a programmer working with reactive extensions for Android (RxAndroid).

Before I had moved to Bangalore, I was living in my hometown. A city called Trichy in Tamil Nadu. Even then I was building apps and taking workshops. The reason I even moved was to find more opportunities and Bangalore was perfect for my work.

Through a referral from a professor, I got to conduct my own Android workshop for a college. This workshop was a grand success and over 300 students turned up, they enjoyed it and even got in touch with me weeks / months after the workshop. I still keep in touch with some of them every now and then.

Hands-on Android workshop at Konganadu Arts & Science College, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Before this, I was invited to be a guest of honor for a conference where I was also presented a paper for the International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology (IJRASET).

Giving a talk on my paper submission and about my startup at the 2nd ICCTER conference at Chennai

The main reason I wanted to publish my paper was because one of my professors from college had liked my final year anti-malware project and she encouraged me to submit a paper on it in any computer science conference. And so I did, and it got approved and even published in a journal with an SJ impact factor of 3.995.

Received this certificate back from the organizers a few weeks after my presentation.

I was at the end of my college days that I realised that I enjoyed doing projects. So, I figured that it was a good idea to register as a company. So, I started up on August 2014, by registering in the sub-registrar office in my hometown.

My startup’s first official logo

Even before this, I had done many projects and workshops during college itself and that is what even led me to startup on my own.

A friend who started up an educational academy called Smart Destiny invited me to give a paid 3-hour talk on programming (data structures and databases) along with some other events at Idhaya Engineering College for Women, Chinnasalem, Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu.

Award Ceremony Post-Workshop

Before this I was working on a web app for a friend. It was called “Hiveyo”, an interesting contact management concept which didn’t really take off back then.

From wireframes to implementation

Before this was my first paid project which I ever made. It was an Android app we named as “MediScan” and my friend did not want to pay a project centre for his final year project. So he offered to pay me instead to develop it… I had created proper wireframes and made the app professionally. This was because I wanted to make projects professionally. So I learned about various agile processes used within IT companies and how they moved from wireframes / prototype to MVP / final product.

Building Mediscan - The Medical Prop Management System

My own final year project was a real-time anti-malware system which I called as “Killer". But officially for college, it was known as “Portable Data Protected System” (PDPS) and it used a different approach to preventing malware attacks on computers. I even packaged it in a read-only pen-drive so that it seemed like a fancy commercial product that can simply be plugged into a computer to enable it’s protection.

PDPS User Interface

< placeholder to write about the hackathon project >

< placeholder to write about the nyquist project >

Towards the end of my first year, I attended a workshop on Ethical Hacking conducted by InfySEC, a cyber security company from Chennai at St. Joseph’s College on the 25th and 26th of June 2011. I had made an interesting query during the workshop and they liked it (so much that they even took a photo of it). After the workshop, I had a conversation with the head, Vinod Senthil and he was fascinated by the knowledge and experience I had on web security for my age. More than that, he told me he liked me as a person and asked me if I could manage their company’s Facebook page as a social moderator and a technical instructor. I accepted the request and gained a ton of experience interacting with various folks who were in security and many young enthusiasts who were getting into the field.

Left: Me, asking Karthick Vigneshwar from InfySEC security related questions.

In my second year of college, I had become the head of the CyberKatz Computer Club. Back then, it was the only computer club in the college. And second years did not become heads of clubs, I was lucky to have good seniors who recommended me.

CyberKatz Computer Club Logo

When I first joined college I already had a couple of “blogs” and websites made. The news that I know to build websites spread and one day I was asked by a senior to build her final year project. It was a large project in scale to what I normally made back then. I took it as a challenge and I built a web app using a mobile-friendly web framework called Sencha Touch. It was a web-based mobile-friendly version of Uber made in a time long before we even came to know of Uber.

Car pooling app

< placeholder for ragnarok india website (Note to self: search IA for photo) >

At the end of my 12th grade, I was asked by a friend to build a website for Trichy Premier League. This was a local version of the Indian Premier League. Apparently, one of the players studied in my school and he wanted to create a local league for cricket and needed a website. This was made free of cost using the webs.com platform. Here’s a web’s archive version of it but it would look broken as web archive did not cache assets back then the way it does these days.

< placeholder for dad’s apartment old version website (school) >

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