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Adobe tools empower students to think creatively and communicate expressively, so they can turn their classroom ideas into college and career opportunities.

Adobe are delighted to be supporting Learning (Hu)Man 2020 with a series of live interactive digital creativity sessions lead by outstanding Adobe Education Leaders.

Learning(Hu)Man 2020 is an experimental fusion of hands-on learning, storytelling, tech hacks and the good kind of shenanigans. In short, it’s total camp. Summer camp!

If you have access to Adobe CC via your school or college we recommend you contact your IT Admin to help you access and instal Adobe Creative Cloud.

If you don't have access to Adobe Creative Cloud via your school or college we recommend downloading the 7 day trial. But don't download until Monday 20th July so you have access during the Learning (Hu)Man events.

Join one of our digital creativity sessions:


Photoshop Tennis: Opening Serve

Monday July 20, 2020 6:30PM PDT (Duration 15- 30 mins)

Presenter: Joseph Labrecque, Instructor of Technology, University of Colorado Boulder

Ah, the striking of the yellow ball across a verdant grass court. Who doesn't like a bit of tennis in the summer? Now you can enjoy a wonderful twist on the game on your desktop or mobile device! Discover the creative joy that is Photoshop Tennis, a social, layering, spitballing, collaborative game for generating ideas and unleashing your inner Dali.

To participate in this session you'll need to download Adobe Photoshop. If you don't have access to Adobe Creative Cloud you can download the 7 day trial here and install the Adobe Photoshop app:

Photoshop Tennis Review: Game, Set and Match

Monday July 20, 2020 7:30PM PDT (Duration 15 - 30 mins)

Presenter: Joseph Labrecque, Instructor of Technology, University of Colorado

The Results: What incredible composites have our games produced? Join us in this gallery session where we marvel, show and tell all from the Learning Human's community of creatives and their Photoshop Tennis outcomes.


Four Icon Challenge: Adobe Illustrator Narrative Game

Tuesday July 21, 2020 9:15AM PDT (Duration 50 mins)

Presenter: Lukas Engqvist, Adobe Education Leader and Adobe Certified Instructor, Brobygrafiska Utbildning, Sweden

Based on graphic design luminary Kyle Tezak's Four Icon Challenge, we use the power of Adobe Illustrator to see how narratives can be distilled down into four icons. Could you express the themes and structure of Star Wars or Breaking Bad in 4 icons? Lukas will guide you through this powerful activity, one that requires focus, abstraction and a sharp eye for the perfect image. Will your four icons form a masterpiece of reductionism?

To participate in this session you'll need to download Adobe Illustrator. If you don't have access to Adobe Creative Cloud you can download the 7 day trial here and install the Adobe Illustrator app:

'O this learning, what a thing it is!' Watch as Shakespeare goes Digital

Tuesday July 21, 2020 10:15AM PDT (Duration 50 mins)

Presenter: Phil Badham, Education Consultant

'O this learning, what a thing it is!' The Bard himself will take you on a colourful and creative whistle-stop tour of awesome creative projects for students studying the works of William Shakespeare using Adobe's creative cloud apps. From Romeo and Juliet to Hamlet, you'll truly see that 'there are more things in heaven and earth...than are dreamt of in your philosophy'.

To participate in this session you'll need to download Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Character Animator. If you don't have access to Adobe Creative Cloud you can download the 7 day trial here and install the apps:

You can also opt to use Adobe Spark Post in this session which is a free app. Find out more here:


Wednesday July 22, 2020 9:15AM PDT (Duration 50 mins)

Building and sharing immersive AR experiences with Adobe Aero

Presenter: Matthijs Clasener, Motion Design Teacher, GLR, Rotterdam

Adobe Aero isn't just the latest AR application to make your reality that little bit better: it combines with a host of other services from Adobe to give you unlimited creative options. Matthijs Clasener shows you just some of this potential. Learn how to navigate through the power of the Adobe toolset to create your own 3D characters and then visualise these creations in real time. The immersive world of AR just got a whole lot easier and more exciting. This session will demonstrate a creative journey starting in Adobe Photoshop and ending in Adobe Aero.

To participate in this session you'll need to download Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Aero. If you don't have access to Adobe Creative Cloud you can download the 7 day trial here and install Photoshop and download Adobe Aero to your mobile device from the Apple App Store:

Upcycle: Design and Prototype with Adobe XD

Wednesday July 22, 2020 10:15AM PDT (Duration 50 mins)

Presenter: Mark Shufflebottom, Professor of Interaction Design Sheridan College, Toronto

Mark Shufflebottom, Professor of Interaction Design, takes you through creating great UX and superslick UI with Adobe XD, the design and prototyping tool for apps. It couldn't be easier to visualise, iterate and test your app designs with XD's fully-featured toolset and access to heaps of UI kits and templates. Learn how to use voice navigation, create transitions from screen to screen with auto animate and wire up your design for prototyping.

To participate in this session you'll need to download Adobe XD. If you don't have access to Adobe Creative Cloud you can download the 7 day trial here and install the apps:


Character Animator: Realtime Animation

Thursday July 23, 2020 9:15AM PDT (Duration 50 mins)

Presenter: Matthijs Clasener

If only everything in life was as clear and intuitive as Adobe Character Animator. Even its name is gloriously straightforward. Matthijs Clasener introduces you to real-time motion capture animation so intuitive and smooth, you can even livestream your creations. Prepare to be wowed.

To participate in this session you'll need to download Adobe Character Animator. If you don't have access to Adobe Creative Cloud you can download the 7 day trial here and install the apps:

Creating a Character with Character Animator

Thursday July 23, 2020 10:15AM PDT (Duration 50 mins)

Presenter: Kevin MacMahon

Ever wondered how to create and animate a puppet or avatar to deliver online learning content to your students instead of having to be your best self every time in front of a webcam? Wonder no more! Olympian and graphic design ninja, Kevin McMahon, shows you how to create and rig a character with Illustrator that you can use in Adobe's Character Animator.

To participate in this session you'll need to download Adobe Character Animator. If you don't have access to Adobe Creative Cloud you can download the 7 day trial here and install the apps:


Digital Mixology: Cocktail Recipes with Photoshop Camera & Adobe Spark

Friday July 23, 2020 9:15AM PDT

Presenter: Melissa Arnold

Have you been using the new Photoshop Camera app? How about Adobe Spark Video? No? Why not? Well, better late to the party than never. We’ll take a look at how to use these two apps individually and then fuse them together to create a recipe story about how to make the best cocktails and mocktails. Become a digital mixologist and learn how you can combine Photoshop Camera and Adobe Spark Video to create your own recipe story. Cheers!

“Can you repeat that?”: Bite-sized lessons with Premiere Rush

Friday July 23, 2020 10:15AM PDT (Duration 50 mins)

Presenter: Diana Keeler

Whether you’re teaching your Fall course remotely or you want to post a recap from class, Adobe's intuitive editing tool, Premiere Rush, is a fantastic way to make quick videos of important lesson topics. In this workshop, we’ll go over best practices for keeping your videos short, punchy and engaging while limiting your out-of-the-classroom workload. And who doesn't want that? Instead of watching a recording of a three-hour lecture, let your students see a quick video with options to pause and replay the important stuff as many times as they need. Form an orderly queue, everyone - this one's popular!

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Melissa Arnold

AET Community Manager & Education Consultant

Lubbock, Texas, USA

Melissa Arnold

Melissa is an education consultant and instructional designer who loves all things technology and believes that we should never stop learning. She also manages the Adobe Education Trainer community and is delighted to have the opportunity to interact and work with individuals all over the globe! Photography has also played a major part in her life for the past ten years. Before beginning her current endeavors, Melissa was an IT professional and technology trainer in higher education.

Phil Badham

Educational Consultant / Creative Technologies Trainer / Adobe Education Leader

New Forest, United Kingdom

Phil Badham

Phil Badham is an experienced teacher, trainer and independent educational consultant dedicated to providing schools and colleges with the means and methods to deliver modern, engaging and creative learning experiences to students. He is a consultant for the internationally acclaimed Visible Learning+ programme, and also serves as an Adobe Education Leader dedicated to pursuing creativity in all areas of educational practice and providing high quality professional development offline and online. Phil presents in the UK and internationally on topics such as Digital Engagement and Creativity, Independent Learning, Challenge for All, and How to Lead Teaching and Learning with Technology. He also runs digital engagement projects for school students to give them creative problem-solving experiences using industry standard digital applications and equipment.

He lives on the south coast of England in the beautiful New Forest and enjoys running, cooking, making sushi and travelling.

Matthijs Clasener

Motion Design Teacher

GLR, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Matthijs Clasener

Matthijs is a teacher & trainer in the field of Motion Design. With about 20 years of experience in education he's an allrounder in the area of design, interaction and the moving image. As a course coordinator at the GLR in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, he is well aware of what is going on in the industry and keeps his courses up to date. He is an Adobe Education Leader.


Lukas Engqvist

Adobe Education Leader and Adobe Certified Instructor

Brobygrafiska Utbildning, Sweden

Lukas Engqvist

Lukas Engqvist, is an Adobe Education Leader and Adobe Certified Instructor. He teaches Adobe Applications and Print related subjects, including history of printing and colour management at Brobygrafiska in Sunne, Sweden. He also does industry training to help companies keep their creative staff up to date with changes in print and publishing.

After working as a designer, I slipped into prepress as I was wanting my fellow designers work to print even when using the newest features. When the Adobe Authorised Service Provider network was terminated, I decided to be come an Adobe Certified Instructor, which was a turn in the road that later lead to full time teaching.

Diana Keeler

Manager of Digital Production

Occidental College, Los Angeles, California, USA

Diana Keeler

Diana Keeler is a media instructor and filmmaker in Los Angeles, California. She works as the Manager of Digital Production in the Media Arts & Culture department at Occidental College and teaches in the ACX program at ArtCenter College of Design. Her courses involve creating projects in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Character Animator, Premiere, After Effects, Dreamweaver, XD, Dimension, and Aero. She’s the founder and CEO of Pandium Fusion, LLC, a media company based in Glendale, California, and a key creative at 228 Interactive, a video game development studio. Outside of the classroom, you can find her working on film sets, composing music, and honing her Tetris skills.

Joseph R. Labrecque M.A

Instructor of Technology

Department of Advertising, Public Relations and Media Design

College of Media, Communication and Information

University of Colorado, Boulder, USA

Joseph Labrecque

Joseph Labrecque is a creative developer, designer, and educator with nearly two decades of experience creating expressive web, desktop, and mobile solutions. He joined the University of Colorado Boulder in Autumn 2019 as faculty within the College of Media, Communication and Information. His teaching focuses on creative software, digital workflows, user interaction, and design principles. Labrecque has authored a number of books and video course publications on design and development technologies. He is founder of Fractured Vision Media, LLC; a digital media production studio and creative vehicle. Joseph is an Adobe Education Leader and member of Adobe Partners by Design.

Kevin MacMahon

Designer, Illustrator, Mograph Artist

Design Dojo, San José, California, USA

Kevin MacMahon

Kevin McMahon is an award-winning creative and educator. Over his +20 year career, he has done a wide range of freelance work including: character design for Adobe Systems, motion graphics for Stanford University, and branding work for USA Track & Field.

You can check out his portfolio at: https://www.behance.net/Heykmac

In addition to his freelance work, Kevin is the Visual and Performing Arts Dept Chair at Bellarmine College Prep in San Jose, CA. By night, Kevin creates content for the “Design Dojo”: a design education initiative serving educators and students worldwide.

Check out the Dojo at https://www.designdojo.org/ and the YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/designdojo.

Kevin has also served as a guest expert for many of Adobe’s "Generations Pro" online courses including: Logo Branding, Video Production, Illustration, and Character Animation. His education resources also featured in the Adobe Press “Learn Adobe CC” series of books.

Mark Shufflebottom

Professor and Program Co-ordinator, Bachelor of Interaction Design

Sheridan College of Advanced Learning, Toronto, Canada

Mark Shufflebottom

Mark Shufflebottom is Program Co-ordinator of the Bachelor of Interaction Design at Sheridan College, on the fringes of Toronto. Mark has been a writer, commentator and educator of Interactive Technologies for over 20 years and has an interest in UX, UI, Design Thinking, Computer Vision, Augmented Reality and real-time graphics for installations and experiences. When he isn’t doing that, you can find him tinkering with musical instruments and trying to write music.

For all your faculty Adobe professional development needs please contact us at greg@edgegainltd.com