Live Savage By ishdeep sandhu

Why wouldn't you want to live in America? America is the land of the new adventures and now a new government system unlike no other. The constitution is a solution to all the problems all other governments face. No longer will their be a disagreement between the Northern and the Southern states. This constitution is perfect!

The 3/5 Compromise

The disagreement of how to count the slaves is now resolved. The Southern states believed the slaves should be counted as a part of population however the Northern states believed slaves should count as tax and property. We have come to an agreement callled The 3/5 Compromise. In this plan we have both the great ideas combined. The slaves will be counted as population and tax. Every five slaves will be counted as three American citizens.

The Great Compromise

The states were also torn apart on how representation would take place. The smaller states were in full support of the New Jersey Plan, which was to take the same amount of representatives for all the states. The larger states were in full support of the Virgina Plan. The Virgina Plan was based on the amount of population a state has so it will be given representation based on that. The compromise was that states will be given both. We created a two-house system containing The Senate (Virginia Plan) and the House of Representatives (New Jersey Plan). This is legendary!

No more rebellions!

We know the Articles of Confederation was not reaching the high standards of our amazing country. It caused all sorts of issues in our government. Shays Rebellion gave us an eye-opening shock because the government could not eliminate the rebellion quickly enough. It was true the Articles of Confederation were not going to work for us. The new system is nothing like the old!

Ratify if not aLready

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