Tropical Rainforest By: lily & jayden

Cacao- When one opens a cacao pod there's 20-60 reddish-brown Cocoa beans, it is then harvested, to make cocoa
Epiphytes- These are plants that live on other plants, they don't have roots that go into the ground. They contain water and a variety of nutrients.
Amazon water lily- These are huge leave circles that could grow to 9.8 feet in diameter. They have a sharp underside.
Pitcher plant- this plant captures an insect and the hairs inside the plant trap the insect. The insect then drowns at the bottom on the plant in a liquid and the plant collects its nutrients since it grows in a low nutrients soil.

Now that's a natural water slide that's slick naturally and repels insects.


Created with images by Steve Wilson - over 8 million views Thanks !! - "Jaguar" • EverJean - "Fresh Cacao from São Tomé & Príncipe" • heymeadow - "Epiphytes" • Bergadder - "plant aquatic plant flower" • kevin_smia - "carnivorous plant plants exotic"

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