The Han dynasty's biggest contribution to society was there Art andarchitecture

All of the Han dynasty's architectures is still to this date huge accomplishments and there huge symbols for the country of china. China was able to establish a good Safe place and a way to stabilize there economy just over one emperor.

The Great wall of china

The Han dynasty was able to excel the most in arts and political because they were able to make modern stuff just to make a safer and a stronger country. They were able to make a statement in the political aspect to because they were able to overcome the prediction in every dynasty falls fast and survive for over 500years as a dynasty. The problem with the Han dynasty was that when things got really bad poltically there was a 5 year civil war that just destroyed most things in china. One problem with there arts was that it was very easy for outsiders to get in because they could just walk around the wall and the defenders were easily bribed which brought other cultures into china and that's what the wall was supposed to really defend. One problem with there economics was the fact that it was a very large gape from the country's to trade with eachother which brought problems with them gaining natural resources. The good thing about the Han dynasty's religion was that they accepted most and every culture and they created Confucianism and Daoism. Also the fact that the religion spread very far. The bad thing about the Hans religion was that they still believed in ancestor worship which really did not help them because that just lead them in the wrong direction and did not benefit them. The good thing about the Han dynasty's social structure was that it was clear to see each of there classes and then they can advance and easily make it better. The bad thing with there social structure was that they still had slaves and that was the lower class people and that's unfair. The good thing that was there from an intellectual stand point was that they were able to build many alliances with there trading posts and that brought many positives for them and they were able to make a oven that made strong clay for them. The negatives with there intellect is that they had many problems with there educational structure becuase they just didn't look at that social point.


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