News is broken The news industry is broken, laments journalist Lara Setrakian. Complex issues that threaten the very existence of humankind rarely receive media coverage, and when they do, those stories barely scratch the surface. Setrakian offers three solutions to repair the damage. getAbstract appreciates her astute insider analysis of the fourth estate.

Sensationalist reporting, fearmongering and a failure to cover complex issues are symptoms of a broken news industry.

As a result, “species-level issues” that threaten humankind aren’t receiving adequate news coverage.

To repair the damage, the news industry must make three changes: First, foreign correspondents must collaborate with local journalists to provide accurate news.

Second, the news industry must refuse to capitalize on public fears in order to garner higher ratings. Sensational reporting is immoral and could have deadly consequences.

And third, journalists have a duty to educate the public about complex issues in an understandable, though not overly simplistic, way.


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