China By Bella Ferraro

What country has the largest population in the world? If you could not guess, it is China of course. Let's take a trip to China and learn about China's landmarks, culture, and geography. On this trip, you are going to learn a lot about China.

Land marks of China

China has some of the most beautiful landmark in the world. One of the most known landmarks is the Great Wall of China. The great wall of China is 3,946 miles long. Great wall of China was used to keep the enemies out. Another big attraction is the for bidden city it was a palace for the empire. Another big attraction is that terrain cotta Warrior museum. There were about 8,000 terraria cotta warriors for the weapons there is about 10,000 bronze weapons found in all three pits.


China is a great place and the land is beautiful. China has a widely varying of landscape. One third of China land area is made mountain. One of mountains is Mount Everest between China and Nepal. Beside mountains China has thousands of rivers. Yangtze is the third largest river in China. The total size of China is 9,596,960 square km well that big but Asia is the wold region. The climate a remedy diverse, tropical in south to subarctic in the north


The Chinese culture is very different than other culture. The most popular Chinese cultrue is Han but there are 56 other groups. The Han group dress differently than the other groups. One of the most shocking thing is there are alphabet is made of 24 letters In China there alphabet is made up of 6,000 symbols and each symbol has its own meaning. Han group has about 900 million people. Art is in a long history in China. China were the first to use silk, jade, bronze, wood, and paper to make art

China is a wonderful place, with their astonishing landmarks, interesting culture, and wide splendid geography. In conclusion, China is a country wonderful place to go.


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