Stratus clouds is a thick gray sheets cloud. If you set his cloud in the sky then it usually means that it will rain or snow. If the temperature is warm then it will rain, but if the temperature is cold then it will snow. The altitude of the cloud it normally found at really low levels, about 2,000 meters or 6,5000 feet.
A nimbostratus is a thick dark clouds. These clouds form at a low altitude, they also form a dense and extensive grey layer of cloud. When these clouds are in the sky then that usually means that it's going to rain.
A cumulus are white puffy clouds but these clouds can form into huge cumulonimbus clouds white hot will lead to a a thunderstorm. These clouds have an altitude of 1000 meters which it 3300 feet above the ground.
A altostratus cloud is a cloud that always forms before a storm. These clouds can hold either rain or snow. These clouds also cover the whole sky, they look grey-ish blue. They have a middle altitude which is 2000 to 7000 meters up in the sky.
Altocumulus clouds have a parallel bands or rounded masses appearance. These clouds contain water droplets which result to a cold front. The altitude of these clouds are about 20,000 meters above the ground
Cumulonimbus clouds are thunderstorm clouds that form from cumulus clouds. These clouds are huge grey clouds. The altitude of these clouds can reach to about 39,000 feet or higher.
Cirrocumulus clouds are clouds that hold cold water droplets that will fall and create an afternoon thunderstorm. These clouds have a high altitude of about 16,600 to 30,000 feet.
Cirrus clouds are extremely thin clouds that have a wispy look. These clouds contain extremely cold water droplets that later form into ice crystals. These clouds have a high altitude that is about 20,000 feet or higher.


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